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What Happens When You Have an Underbite?

If you are a person who has an underbite, then you might be wondering what it means. It can be difficult attaining a beautiful smile if you grow up with an orthodontic issue. The good news is that just because your mouth might have a structural issue, it doesn’t mean that it is untreatable. At Absolute Smile, we can help you learn more about what an underbite is and how to best improve it. 

An underbite is a malocclusion that occurs when lower teeth overlap upper teeth. Some people refer to this as a “bad bite.” Underbites can vary in their degree. Some occur when the two rows of teeth almost meet, and others involve teeth that don’t meet at all because the gap is too wide. Many people are eager to eliminate their overbites because the structural issue can give the appearance that too much emotion is being expressed.

Moat underbites occur as a result of a misaligned lower jaw. Those with a hereditary Crouzon syndrome or basal cell nervous syndrome might have underbites. Some people develop underbites over time as a result of gigantism or acromegaly. Some ethnic backgrounds are also more prone to experience underbites, as well.

Common issues that can arise as the result of an underbite include eating difficulties, speaking challenges, chronic TMJ pain, headaches, earaches, tooth decay, chronic mouth breathing, halitosis, sleep apnea, and nighttime breathing issues. Luckily, many methods exist for correcting underbites. You can consider a wide range of treatments, from jaw surgery to orthodontic appliances. Oftentimes, is treated at a young age, many underbites are resolved.

If you have an underbite that you would like corrected, don’t hesitate to contact your dental care provider for a list of possible options. With the right professional by your side, correcting an underbite can be a rewarding and beneficial experience. 

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