Thread Lift for Patients in Philadelphia, PA

As the years go by, the body naturally produces less collagen in the skin. Over time, this causes the skin to lose some of its natural springiness and firmness, resulting in wrinkles, folds, sagging and drooping. When this occurs on the face and neck, it can cause unwelcome changes in appearance, including the development of frown lines, jowls, a weakened jaw line and similar. Minimally invasive and highly effective, a Nova thread lift could provide the optimal solution to the problem.

What Are Nova Thread Lifts?

Nova thread lifts involve the careful insertion of needles or syringes which are pre-loaded with a suture made from polydioxanone. Widely regarded as an extremely safe compound, this type of suture is also commonly used in a range of surgical procedures. Once injected, the suture lifts the tissue under the skin, resulting in a reduction of the unwanted signs of aging. Over the next few months, the suture is completely absorbed by the body. While in place, its presence stimulates the body to produce collagen in the area, creating a natural firming solution which remains even when the suture has completely disappeared.

What Can Absorbable Nova Threads Be Used to Treat?

Your clinician is best placed to advise on whether Nova threads are going to be best to treat your problem areas, or whether a different technique would be more appropriate. Generally, Nova thread lifts can be used to treat most areas of the face and neck, including:

  • Lower Eyelid Bag
  • Wrinkled or Drooping Cheeks
  • Marionette Lines
  • Forehead Wrinkles
  • Jawline

Contact Us for Your Nova Thread Lift Consultation

The procedure is minimally invasive and recovery time is rapid for most people. Side effects are generally minor and the effects of the thread lift often remain for a year or more after treatment has been completed. To find out more or to request an initial consultation to determine if a thread lift is going to be suitable for your needs, call us at one of our two convenient locations:

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