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Dr. Eric Friedman

Dr. Eric Friedman, dentist in Philadelphia, PAThe dental providing communities of PENNYLVANIA’S Buck County, Philadelphia and Delaware County are significantly enhanced by the presence of Dr. Eric Friedman. As a co-founder of Absolute Smile, Dr.Friedman also officiates and presides as a Director Of Dental operations within these regions of the state. Dr Friedman is a dentist who practices Comprehensive dentistry including Cosmetic, Implant and Laser dentistry. He is highly skilled with providing his patients with state of the art smiles, using porcelain Veneers, Crowns, Invisalign trays (braces) and dental Implants. In addition to excellent dental skills, Dr. Friedman is one of the few dentists who have a great knowledge and experience in facial skin care and skin enhancement by utilizing Botox And Dermal Fillers.


Dr. Eric Friedman represents the continuation of a philosophy that was shaped and molded by Dr. Peter E Dawson-arguably the most recognized clinician, author and educator in dentistry over the past 50 years. That philosophy requires meticulous attention to detail and striving for the highest level of excellence in all aspects of patient care by utilizing modern art and science of dentistry. Dr. Friedman believes that true success for a patient means not only beautiful results and improved comfort, but also overall dental health and long-term well-being. Operating from an ethical commitment to the WOULD I DO IT ON ME Rule every case is reviewed extensively and every patient treated as a member of family. This philosophy, along with a rich legacy of excellence and caring for others, is fully embraced by the entire team at the practice. The team mission is to foster a caring advanced dental-healthcare practice where the patient comes first and will truly receive compassion, understanding and the best dentistry has to offer. We strive for care that benefits the patient physically, visually and emotionally to obtain a healthy mouth, temporomandibular joint and facial and scull musculature which will positively impact the patient’s overall health. The end result is Health, Beauty, Harmony and Balance.


Possessing a passion for the field of dentistry and following steps of his father who practiced dentistry for more then 40 years, Dr Friedman attended the prestigious and highly acclaimed University of Pennsylvania Dental School, having graduated with respectability in 1999. After dental school, Dr. Eric Friedman successfully completed his residency in the field of dentistry within one year at Sacred Heart hospital in Allentown, PA. Throughout his career as a cosmetic and implant dentist Dr. Friedman embraced and committed to a rigorous regimen of ongoing education. As a result, he earned and excelled in obtaining the following respected achievements:

  • 2001 – Endodontic courses, instructed by industry famed Dr. Ruddle. Under such tuition Dr. Friedman acquired the skills that allow him to perform one-visit, painless and computer assisted treatment of root canals.
  • 2002 – Mini-residency in Orthodontics. Dr. Friedman acquires the proficiency in Invisalign technology and application along with other cosmetic treatments of teeth misalignment.
  • 2003-2008 – extensive education at world renowned Implant Seminars, a leader in implant and cosmetic continuing post-graduate dental education. Upon finishing his education at this famed Implant Institute, Dr Eric Friedman received Mastership in Implant dentistry by American Dental Implant Association.
  • 2006 through 2012 – extensive continuing education in Botox and Dermo fillers technology by world leaders Aestethic Skin Institute and DentaSpa seminars.
  • 2008 – 2015 – Dawson academy, the post graduate world leader in Cosmetic dentistry that achieved through meticulous diagnosis and application of state of the art technology for harmonious, balanced and healthy smile.

Honorary titles and awards:

  • Mastership from American Dental Implant Association
  • “America’s Top Dentist” by Consumer Research Council of America, 2009
  • “Doctors of Excellence” by The Leading Physicians of the World 2011-2012

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