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The Role of Nutrition in Dental Health: Advice from Your Dentist

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There is more than one reason to eat nutritiously. Good nutrition helps you enjoy optimal wellness. It reduces body weight, beneficial to the skin, and promotes oral health. Your local dentist in Bucks County will explain what is bad and good for your teeth and how nutrition can affect your dental health!

What Foods Are Bad for Teeth?

·  Sour Candies: Any candy is bad for your teeth. But sour candies are made with acids that promote decay. They also stick to your teeth. They can absorb into the enamel and cause damage. 

·  Bread: It may surprise you to see bread on this list. But when bread enters the mouth, the saliva breaks the starch into sugar. The chewy texture causes the sugar to stick to your teeth. If you must eat bread, purchase less-refined varieties that don’t contain as much sugar.

·  Alcohol: Alcohol dries out your mouth and reduces saliva that prevents food from sticking to your teeth. It also contains sugar.

·  Carbonated Drinks: Some carbonated drinks can have a high sugar content. But even the sugar-free varieties can harm your teeth. The carbonation enables plaque to produce more acid that eats away at the enamel. It also dries out your mouth.·  Ice: Ice is frozen water, so it can’t harm your teeth, right? Wrong! Ice’s hard, cold texture can cause teeth to chip or crack. It’s okay to drink beverages with ice in them, but sucking on ice is not recommended.

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What Foods Are Good for Teeth?

·  Dairy Foods: Dairy foods are high in calcium which makes teeth stronger. Cheese is beneficial because it also contains casein which fortifies tooth enamel, and phosphate which balances the pH in the mouth. Milk lowers acid levels in the mouth to prevent tooth decay. Yogurt is rich in probiotics that protect against cavities, bad breath, and gum disease.

·  Water: Water is a sugar-free beverage that aids with saliva production. It also contains fluoride that helps fight cavities.

·  Crunchy Vegetables: Crunchy vegetables promote chewing which cleans tooth surfaces. They also stimulate the flow of saliva. They contain nutrients that keep teeth strong.

·  Nuts: Nuts contain high levels of calcium and phosphorus. Peanuts are recommended because they are rich in calcium and vitamin B. Cashews stimulate saliva. Walnuts are very nutritious.

·  Apples and Pears: Apples’ and pears’ hard texture promotes chewing, stimulates saliva production, and neutralizes citric and malic acids. However, fruit juices should be avoided due to their high sugar content.

Combine a Healthy Diet with Dental Visits: Dentist in Bucks County

A nutritious diet contributes to oral health. But don’t count on diet alone to keep you cavity-free. Visits to the dentist are also important.

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