Meet Dr. Kirill Vasilyev

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Dr. Kirill Vasilyev

  • Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) – Graduation Date – (December, 16, 2016) University of Colorado School of Dental Medicine, Denver, CO
  • Doctor-Stomatologist – Graduation Date – (June, 26, 1996) Donetsk National Medical University, Donetsk, Donetsk region, Ukraine

Continued Education

  • Oct 1999 – Jan 2000 Advanced Endodontic Program Poltava Medical and Dental Academy, Poltava, Ukraine
  • Mar 1997 – Jun 1997 Certificate of Preventive Dentistry Completion Date – June 18, 1997 Donetsk Medical University, Donetsk, Ukraine

Dental Association

  • Jan 2015 American Dental Association
  • American Student Dental Association
  • Aug 1996 Donetsk Region Dental Association, Ukraine

Honors & Awards

  • Sep 1999 “Cosmetic Teeth Restoration” 2nd place, Donetsk Regional Department of Health, Donetsk, Ukraine


  • Sep 2016 – Jun 2017 AAID “Maxicourse” Las-Vegas, Nevada (300 credit hours)
  • Oct 2016 ADA meeting: How Crown Lengthening Will Enhance Your Restorative Results, Speaker: Kohner, James DDS
  • Jan 2016 Rocky Mountain Dental Convention 2016
  • Jan 2015 Rocky Mountain Dental Convention 2015

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