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Improve Your Bite with an Occlusal Adjustment in Philadelphia, PA

Bite alignment can improve the functioning of your smile

Reasons to Get a Bite Alignment

Your teeth must be aligned properly and come together evenly when you bite down or you risk feeling pain, discomfort and tension in the jaw. Many patients with a misaligned bite end up with cracked or worn down teeth because there is uneven pressure distribution around the mouth. Some of the reasons to have your bite corrected include:

What is an Occlusal Adjustment?

Undergoing an occlusal adjustment in Philadelphia, PA is a relatively simple process. One of our doctors at Absolute Smile, will have you bite down on a thin sheet of mylar paper which transfers color to the areas where the teeth have made contact. These act as markings to indicate where there may be a misalignment. We can then adjust the bite by smoothing out uneven teeth and removing just enough of the tooth to ensure the teeth come together evenly.

Occlusal Adjustment for TMJ

Patients experiencing TMJ symptoms, such as jaw pain or the inability to open the jaw wide, can benefit from a bite alignment. If you have excessive jaw pain or have been diagnosed with TMJ, one of the first things your doctor may recommend is a bite adjustment. After that, you may be encouraged to make lifestyle changes and do jaw stretching exercises, or be fitted for a mouth guard you can wear at night.

Occlusal Adjustment - Philadelphia, PA

Benefits of an Occlusal Adjustment

If your bite is off or you are experiencing symptoms of TMJ in Philadelphia, PA, you may be a good candidate for a bite adjustment. Benefits include:

  • Restores ability to smile and chew without discomfort
  • Reduces risk of damaging the teeth
  • Improves jaw function
  • Reduces or eliminates tension around the jaw muscle
  • Reduces risk of developing TMJ or TMD

Learn more about getting an occlusal adjustment in Philadelphia, PA by scheduling your appointment at Absolute Smile today. We offer a FREE consultation for new patients. Contact us now!

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