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Dental Bridges in Philadelphia, PA – Getting a Customized Solution

At Absolute Smile, our team works with patients with all types of dental needs. That includes providing solutions for missing or gapped teeth. Many of our patients benefit from the use of a tooth bridge, which works to connect two teeth where a larger gap is located. If you may need a tooth bridge or other types of cosmetic dental work, come in to see us in our Philadelphia office for a customized treatment plan.

How Can We Help You with Your Dental Needs?

Some people need a tooth bridge, also known as a dental bridge, to span the gap between two teeth. You may have had a tooth extracted or lost one. A tooth bridge works to keep the teeth straight and ensures your smile remains beautiful. We can customize your bridge to match the existing color and look of your remaining teeth. By doing this, it allows the customized bridge to blend in with the surrounding teeth, making it hard for anyone to notice it is there.

What Can Our Team Do for Your Teeth?

In addition to creating a new bridge for you, we can help with a fixed bridge, a removable form or temporary model, as well as tooth replacement. We offer a variety of solutions to allow you to replace missing teeth with ease.

If you need a tooth bridge, come into our Philadelphia dental office. The team of experts at Absolute Smile can offer a full consultation to discuss the options for you.

Visit one of our offices in Philadelphia or Southampton.

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