Electrolysis Hair Removal Services in Philadelphia and Bucks County, PA

At the Bustleton Office

Electrolysis at the Dentist

Everyone has heard of having dental work done at the dentist, but in addition to general and cosmetic dental services, electrolysis is now offered as well. Pain free dentistry is something that Absolute Smile has prided ourselves on bringing our patients for many years, and our team of dentists have many decades of experience backing them. At Absolute Smile, we know that you are busy and would prefer to have your work done in one place if at all possible. Now we can provide general dentistry, Cosmetic Dentistry, Botox and Dermal Fillers, Laser Hair Removal, and Electrolysis.

Electrolysis at the Dentist - Absolute Smile

What is Electrolysis?

Removing unwanted body hair can be a painful process, and electrolysis offered by Absolute Smile in Philadelphia and Bucks County is the pain-free solution you have been looking for. This process targets the roots with an electrical current that allows for easy removal of the hair while also correcting any blemishes on the skin in the process. Performed in addition to any dental work you need, this highly convenient method has you feeling your most beautiful every time.

What to Expect from Electrolysis Hair Removal

  • Cost effective hair removal method
  • Friendly and professional staff
  • Can barely feel it
  • Individualized treatment plans that cater for your unique needs
  • Discounts for pre-payment
  • Exceptional care
  • Scheduling to suit your busy lifestyle


1 Hour: $80
45 Min: $65
30 Min: $50
15 Min: $30
5 Min and Under: $20
Packages (Prepay)
10 Treatments (1 Hour) $750
10 Treatments (30 Min) $450

Contact Us

We are happy to help you out with all of your cosmetic dental needs and your Electrolysis needs as well. For information on any of our services, contact us for an appointment. We will offer the exceptional level of service you deserve and will ensure that you are at ease when having any procedure done at our office.

Before & After

Enjoy beautiful, permanent hair removal.

Before & After Electrolysis - Absolute Smile

Image Source: https://syneron-candela.com

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