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 The Surprising Effects Wine, Milk, and Tea Have on Your Dental Health

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Although many people claim that water is a boring beverage, it still holds a space as one of the most beneficial drinks for your teeth. At Absolute Smile, we know that you want to have a healthy smile and we understand that good oral hygiene is important for both you and your family. If you ever wanted to know more about the effects of specific beverages on your teeth, then read on.

Water is beneficial to your teeth because it increases the pH of your saliva. An increased saliva pH helps neutralize harmful effects of acidic foods on tooth enamel. Water also helps wash away food residue and helps prevent against dry mouth. So, if water is good for teeth then what about other drinks such as wine, milk, and tea?

Red wine contains beneficial antioxidants that prevent plaque-causing bacteria from adhering to your gum tissue. Recent studies indicate it might even prevent against periodontal disease. Some studies even show that red wine might prevent bacteria associated with cavities and tooth decay.The Surprising Effects Wine, Milk, and Tea Have on Your Dental Health-Absolute Smile

Tea is another popular drink. Although it has been known to temporarily discolor teeth, it also has some benefits. Green tea, in particular, has been shown to inhibit the proliferation of bacteria responsible for periodontitis as well as dental cavities. Research also proves that drinking a cup of green tea daily is associated with a significant decrease in tooth loss. Green tea polyphenols are even associated with an inhibitory effect on the growth and development of oral squamous cell carcinoma.

What about milk? This drink does both a body and a mouth good. Milk contains calcium which is necessary for healthy bone growth. It is also needed for healthy teeth. Believe it or not, your teeth store up to 99 percent of your body’s calcium, so milk is beneficial for this important nutrient. It’s been proven that dairy also has decay-fighting properties.

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