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Three Reasons to Consider Dental Implants

2022/05/24 6:38 pm By

Are you looking at the possibility of losing a tooth, or do you have one or more missing teeth? Often,... View Article

Which Type of Dental Implants Are Right for You?

2022/03/12 7:20 pm By

If you’re missing teeth or if your dentist recommended pulling teeth, you’re wondering what your options will be moving forward.... View Article

The Advantages of Full-Arch Dental Implants Vs Dentures

2021/12/20 11:51 am By

If you’re missing teeth or looking at the possibility of having your natural teeth removed due to tooth decay, you’re... View Article

How Safe Are Dental Implants in the Long Run?

2021/12/12 12:16 pm By

If you are missing teeth or have damaged teeth, you’re probably determining what to do next. Do you get dentures?... View Article

Are Dental Implants Right for You?

2017/12/07 11:42 am By

You’ve probably seen the commercials on TV about dental implants. People applaud them and claim that they are great. For many people, dental implants are the perfect option. Yet for others, they might not be the best choice. How do you know if you should get dental implants? At Absolute Smile, we’ve got a few ways to help you determine whether you should consider dental implants, or whether you should opt for something else.

Replacing Missing Teeth with Dental Implants

2017/11/21 11:38 am By

Are you a dental patient who needs to have missing teeth replaced? Maybe you’ve put off going to see the dentist because you’re afraid of the cost or of the procedures. At Absolute Smile, we take pride in offering the best dental care for everyone. Our dedicated team takes the time to ensure that everyone who walks through our doors feels safe and relaxed. If you need to replace missing teeth, it’s best to do it sooner rather than later. At Absolute Smile, we recommend dental implants for those who need to have missing teeth replaced. Dental implants are provided as part of a tooth restoration procedure for those who have one or more missing teeth. While it’s e that a bridge or a partial can help some people with a missing tooth, implants are recognized as the best method for restoring missing teeth. Implants, when placed by a professional dental care provider, have a high restoration success rate. Replacing missing teeth has numero ...

Dental Implants in Philadelphia

2017/10/07 9:00 am By

Having a healthy smile is part of what makes life enjoyable. Most people understand that brushing and flossing contribute to a beautiful smile, but sometimes it takes special dental work to preserve even the most well-treated mouth. People are living much longer these days, and sometimes it’s simply the aging process that results in the need for dental work such as implants.

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