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Broken Front Tooth! Now What?

2017/11/28 11:48 am By

Did you recently bite down on a hard piece of food? Maybe you had a cavity that finally weakened your tooth. Whatever the situation, they could have both resulted in a broken front tooth. If this is your first time with a broken tooth, then you need to take the proper steps to ensure that you receive the appropriate care. Many people break teeth every year, so you’re not alone. Seeking the right dental advice as soon as possible is the best choice, and at Absolute Smile, we can assist you with a broken tooth as soon as needed. A broken tooth is one that has been chipped, cracked or fractured. It might even be broken apart or knocked completely out of your mouth. Some people don’t even know that their tooth is broken until they inspect it more closely. The extent of the break will often determine what kind of procedure will need to be completed to save it. At Absolute Smile, we can easily diagnose a tooth to determine whether it is trul ...

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