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Pull Your Tooth or Save It? Which is Best?


If you have tooth pain or an infected tooth, you may be tempted to have it pulled. Why not be done with it, after all? While that is an easy choice, there may be better choices. Let’s look at when it’s best to save a tooth and when your dentist should pull it.

Why It’s Good to Save a Tooth

Dentists and endodontists focus on saving teeth when possible for multiple reasons.

  • No matter how good artificial teeth have become, natural teeth are stronger
  • You avoid shifting teeth and gaps (and problems that can follow, like bite misalignment and trouble chewing)
  • You help preserve the jawbone
  • Less pain over time
  • Fewer dental visits
  • Lower cost to you vs. pulling and replacing a tooth

How to Save a Tooth

If your tooth has severe decay or infection, your dentist may still be able to save it. For infection, your dentist may recommend a root canal. With this procedure, the infected interior (pulp) is removed. Then, the tooth is cleaned and disinfected. After, it is filled with a substance to protect and strengthen it. If necessary, your tooth may have a crown applied as well to help protect and restore the full function of your tooth.

If your tooth is decayed, your dentist can provide a filling and crown to strengthen the tooth and prevent further decay. As long as enough of the tooth remains to ensure it functions and is strong, you can usually avoid extraction.

Root canal

When Should Your Tooth Be Extracted?

If your dentist recommends extraction, it’s usually because,

  • The tooth is cracked, often below the gum line
  • The tooth is cracked in several places
  • The tooth is too weak to be restored

Any time your dentist suggests a procedure, including extraction, always ask why and what options you have. At Absolute Smile, we want to ensure you understand our procedures so that you are confident in your smile and us.

If your tooth has to be extracted, your dentist will review your options for tooth replacement. Remember, a lost tooth can impact your oral health and can weaken your jawbone. Replacements like implants help prevent those impacts and ensure a healthy, happy smile.

Are You Looking for a Dentist Close to Philadelphia, PA?

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