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Diabetes – Oral Health Connection

Diabetes – Oral Health Connection

November is American Diabetes Month. Millions of people are at risk for diabetes, and millions more are living with it. However, many do not realize there is a strong link between diabetes and oral health problems. When your sugar levels are out of control, it weakens white blood cells and affects the way in which your body defends against bacterial infections in your mouth. 

Finding a dental practice that can work cooperatively with your doctor, and have knowledge of your specific needs, may prove daunting. Our team at Absolute Smile, Philadelphia, is focused on helping you achieve your oral health goals. But what kind of oral issues might you have with diabetes?

  • Dry Mouth: Diabetes can cause a decrease in your saliva. In turn, you become more prone to cavities and gum infections. 
  • Fungus: Diabetics who take antibiotics frequently are prone to fungal infection, called Thrush. The fungus flourishes in the high-glucose environment. 
  • Gingivitis and Periodontitis: Speaking of gums, diabetes makes your blood vessels thicker, which slows the movement of nutrients in your body, in this case, your gum tissues. The result is having more frequent issues with gum disease.
  • Weakening of oral tissues: Diabetics don’t heal as quickly as other people when they’ve had any dental procedures. The sites may start with damage, so recuperation extends longer than average. During that time, you should take extra care following your dental professional’s instructions.

Bear in mind, diabetes is just one part of the overall picture. You have to maintain your teeth and gums in good health. When you don’t, you actually weaken your body’s ability to regulate your blood sugar. This is where Absolute Smile steps in on your very first visit by creating a comprehensive treatment plan to get your mouth in shape and keep it that way. 

You can work hand-in-hand (um, gum?) with your dentist to control oral health problems. By so doing, you may catch issues at home. Changes to your oral health suggest other shifts and changes in your body that require attention. 

In between your appointments at our offices, follow these guidelines:

  • Diligently monitor and respond to your blood sugar levels, keeping them close to normal.
  • Talking to your physician about dental recommendations based on your overall health
  • Collect the names of all your medications and provide them to our office. Make sure to notify us of changes. Our office numbers are:

Street Road (215) 355-4007

Bustleton (215) 774-5050

Harbison (215) 331-7585

  • Follow post-treatment plans provided to you. If you notice anything irregular, contact us right away. 
  • Continue routine preventative maintenance on your teeth. Brush after every meal and floss twice daily. 


Are you worried about the cost of care? We offer self-pay patients an exceptional dental care plan. It’s only $139.00 annually, covering X-rays, exams, and emergency visits. Certain other procedures receive a discount. No one should go without proper dental care, especially those with diabetes. This program helps relieve some stress. 

If for some reason, you do not have phone access, you can leave us an online message with any questions or concerns. We look forward to hearing from you!

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