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Advanced Periodontal Care in Philadelphia, PA

Advanced Periodontal Care in Philadelphia, PA

Your gums and teeth deserve the best in dental care. Our skilled team of professionals provides a wide range of advanced periodontal services to those with gum disease. In addition, we offer patients a higher risk of gum disease preventative care plans.

Whether you need osseous surgery, periodontal maintenance, or preventative care to keep gum disease at bay, Absolute Smile is ready to help you.

The Best Periodontal Dental Services For Your Health


Absolute Smile offers the following advanced periodontal dental services to restore your gums and improve the health of your mouth:

  • Bone Grafting
  • Gingivectomy
  • Osseous/Flap Surgery
  • Periodontal Maintenance
  • Ridge Augmentation/Preservation
  • Scaling/Root Planing


Bone Grafting


Tooth loss can eventually lead to loss of bone in the jaw. Patients that experience jaw bone loss due to tooth loss might benefit from one of our bone grafting procedures.

We provide three types of bone grafting procedures to restore missing jaw bone tissue:

  • Autogenous
  • Allogenic
  • Xenogenic




If your gums have not responded positively to other periodontal procedures, you may need a gingivectomy. Gingivectomy involves surgically reshaping and removing diseased and/or excessive gum tissue.

Osseous/Flap Surgery


When advanced gum disease causes damage to the bone structure, osseous surgery, also known as flap surgery, may be necessary.

During this procedure, the doctor creates a flap in the gums to access the bone underneath. Bacteria are removed and the irregular surface caused by bone damage is smoothed out to help gums reattach more effectively.

Periodontal Maintenance


If you have recently had a scaling/root planing procedure done to combat gum disease (see below), then you need a few sessions of periodontal maintenance afterward.

Periodontal maintenance involves coming infrequently for several months to receive cleanings that are deeper than regular cleanings. This ensures that your mouth stays clean and heals properly from gum disease.

Ridge Augmentation/Preservation


Tooth loss or removal may cause the jawbone to begin deteriorating. With a ridge augmentation/preservation procedure, we can recreate the natural shape and contour of the gums and bones in the affected area. We are able to perform both soft tissue and hard tissue ridge augmentation/preservation procedures.

Scaling/Root Planing


If your gums are in the early stages of gum disease and pockets are beginning to form around the teeth, scaling and root planing, a nonsurgical procedure, can restore your teeth and gums before the disease progresses further.

The dentist uses an ultrasonic tool and other dental hand instruments to remove plaque and calculus buildup, focusing on areas deeper below the gum line. We will also smooth out rough surfaces beneath the gum line to aid the gums in reattaching to the teeth.

Absolute Smile has been providing the best periodontal services in Philadelphia and Southhampton for years. We offer new patients a FREE consultation, so contact us today!

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