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Your Local Dentist Busts Common Cosmetic Dentistry Myths – Cosmetic Dentistry Philadelphia

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Would you like to feel confident about your smile? Cosmetic dentistry is a perfect option for restoring your confidence and smile. Unfortunately, many people in Philadelphia never consider cosmetic dentistry at all. At Absolute Smile, we want you to have the smile you’ve always wanted. So, let’s look at the most common cosmetic dentistry myths and help you overcome that hesitation.

Myth: Cosmetic Dentistry Is Vanity

The term “cosmetic” makes people think that cosmetic dentistry is about looks. Being happy with your smile is important, but it’s about more than that. For examples, dental veneers, a common cosmetic dentistry service, help protect teeth that have lost enamel due to erosion. Dental crowns fix chipped or broken teeth.

Remember, cosmetic doesn’t mean vain. Even makeup, which we often associate the word with, serves an important purpose for those who wear it.

Myth: Cosmetic Dentistry Makes Your Smile Look Generic or Fake

Do you have something unique about your smile that you want to keep? Maybe your slightly prominent front teeth help give you a pouty smile. Maybe you like your prominent canines. Cosmetic dentistry allows you to choose how your smile will look. If you need a dental crown or veneers, for example, you can work with your dentist to ensure the teeth maintain the size or shape that gives you the smile you enjoy. Because we use materials that look and feel like natural teeth and can match the shade of your existing teeth, no one will know differently by looking at your beautiful smile.

Myth: Teeth Whitening Damages Teeth

This myth, unfortunately, has a little truth to it. Teeth whitening can and does damage your enamel if applied improperly or too often. This happens with store bought kits where the combination of harsh ingredients and accidental or negligent misuse can result in tooth damage.

Whitening treatments provided by your dentist, however, are safer and provide better results. Your local dentist uses safer and better whitening ingredients than what you find in store-bought kits. Your dentist can also follow up to ensure that your teeth are responding well to treatments.

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Myth: Cosmetic Dentistry Is Major and Expensive

Cosmetic dentistry can be as simple or as major as you need. If you only need teeth whitening or to fix a chipped or broken tooth, the procedures are simple and painless. Crowns are more involved and require anesthesia, but they also fix more major problems, such as lost teeth.

Just as the simplicity of cosmetic dentistry varies, so does the cost. New technologies and procedures have helped to bring down costs over the years. In addition, Absolute Smile offers payment options to help ensure that you can afford to get the great smile you desire.

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