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Why You Shouldn’t Skip Your Semi-Annual Checkup

Why You Shouldn’t Skip Your Semi-Annual Checkup-Absolute Smile

It’s been 6 months since your last dentist appointment. Just as the memories of the pain in your gums began to fade, you receive a reminder that you’re due for another dentist appointment.

Most people are totally fine with an annual physical exam from their general practitioner but get hesitant when they’re due for a dentist appointment. Some have terrible gag reflexes and can’t deal with object in their mouth, while others have gums so sensitive, they fight the dentist/hygienist every step of the way.

No matter the issue, it’s tempting to skip your dentist appointment, especially since the mouth is much smaller and more specific than the rest of the body. But missing dentist appointments is much more detrimental than you might think.

First of all, there’s the cosmetic aspect. Even the best home dental habits might fail to catch tiny, stubborn plaque and food particles. A dentist serves as an expert exterior set of eyes to find hidden particles in your mouth, as well as providing the best tools to whiten your teeth and freshen your breath.

But cosmetics are simply a byproduct of teeth health. Your dentist isn’t concerned with how your teeth/gums look so much as your teeth/gums are actually healthy.

Preventative measures such as checkups are great for all parts of the body, but they’re especially important for your dental health.

See, teeth aren’t like most other body parts when it comes to damage or injury; namely, teeth don’t hurt until it’s too late.

Think about it: the last time your dentist needed to deep clean your mouth to clear out tartar buildup, was your mouth in a lot of pain prior? Your gums might’ve been sensitive, but you otherwise probably didn’t notice all that much despite being on the edge of gum disease.

Now if you waited just a little too long, you could be dealing with painful periodontal disease. This disease rots away the gums and could lead to teeth loss, not to mention painful damage to the bone and supporting tissue. You’d never know your teeth are in grave danger until it actually happens.

Let’s look at a different common issue: cavities. You can’t really see cavities coming; any cavity symptoms like toothaches and sensitivity you experience are a direct result of the already-formed cavity, rather than the danger that a cavity might appear.

Although most people’s idea of fun doesn’t involve the dentist, you can now see how important your regular checkup is. By simply visiting your dentist for an hours every 6 months, you can prevent countless dental issues and keep your smile shining bright for life.

There are plenty of dentists in Philadelphia, but if you’re looking for the best Philadelphia dentist office, look no further than Absolute Smile. In addition to regular checkups and cleanings, Absolute Smile specializes in several cosmetic dentistry services and procedures. Give us a call today!

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