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Why Dental Patients Love Invisalign®

Are you thinking about getting braces and finally correcting your tooth alignment problems? If you have always hesitated because you do not want to be saddled with a mouth full of metal for a few years, there is an alternative. Here at our practice, we provide our patients with the popular straightening treatment, Invisalign®. Our Philadelphia dentists can help you make a smarter choice for your teeth. Here are some reasons why this treatment is so popular.

More Control

Patients love Invisalign most of all because it gives them more control over their treatment. Unlike traditional braces, you can take a night off from your treatment by simply removing your trays. This gives patients much greater flexibility in their lifestyle and routine.

Fewer Interruptions

Many patients have also found that going with this method of dental treatment includes far fewer dental appointments. In most cases, traditional braces require monthly dental visits to adjust or tighten the metal wires connected to the teeth. With an alternative method of orthodontic treatment, you could get a faster timeline of treatment and need fewer appointments to get the results you want.

Better Looking

One of the main reasons why so many people choose clear braces over traditional braces is because they look better. The trays are clear and less noticeable when wearing them over your teeth. You will not need to hide your smile during the course of your treatment.

Improved Comfort

This way of correcting the look of your teeth could also be much more comfortable than typical metal braces. Sore spots that occur with metal edges and wiring are not a problem with a clear tray solution. You may also experience less aching as your teeth start to adjust.

If you want to have us take a look at your teeth and see if you are a candidate, call us today. Our Philadelphia dentists can tell you about some of the options we offer in our office.

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