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What You Need to Know About Microblading

Have you always been curious about microblading but aren’t sure if it’s the right treatment for your particular needs? At Absolute Smile of Philadelphia, we provide microblading for clients who want a specific look to enhance their beauty. Our microblading services are available at our Bustleton Avenue location. If you are curious about microblading and want to find out more, simply give us a call or stop in to find out more.

Many women try every powder, pencil, pigment and gel available in order to get the perfect look for their eyebrows. You might already understand what it’s like trying to achieve a look that just doesn’t seem to yield the results that you have in mind for your eyebrows. At Absolute Smile, we can help you decide if microblading is the right treatment for your aesthetic goals. Microblading is an increasingly popular procedure for many people who want to create a look that they love.

Microblading is a form of tattooing that is used for thinning eyebrows. Many beauty insiders attest to the effectiveness of microblading in creating the full, beautiful eyebrows that they’ve always wanted. Unlike a regular tattoo, microblading is a from of tattoo art where pigment is carefully implanted beneath the skin with a manual, hand-held tool. The technician draws small strokes with the tool in an effort to mimic the natural shape of your eyebrows.

Those scheduled for a microblading procedure are encouraged to stop drinking and taking aspirin for the week preceding treatment because of the blood thinning effects. Many people feel a little bit of pain with the treatment, but for the most part, discomfort is only temporary and fades quickly. If you’ve always wanted to have incredible looking eyebrows but have struggled to achieve the look that you desire, then microblading might be the perfect solution.

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