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What to Expect on Your First Dental Visit at Absolute Smile

Whether you’re a child experiencing your first dental visit or an adult who hasn’t been to the dentist in years, your first visit to a new dentist can be anxiety-inducing. We understand. Dentists have a reputation for causing pain but in reality, we’re cautious with our patients and our dentists and technicians are committed to your comfort and care. So, what can you expect on your first dental visit with Absolute Smile?

Routine Visits

Routine cleanings and exams are the most common and simple dental visits. Your dental hygienist will help you get comfortable in the chair and cover you with a paper cloth to help keep your clothing dry. You’ll see a tray of tools the hygienist will use to clean your teeth individually while a tiny vacuum tube will wick away saliva and water during your cleaning. They may also floss your teeth during the cleaning and will buff them once they’re done.

If you haven’t had a dental x-ray in the last year, your hygienist will also do a brief x-ray of your mouth. 

Once your cleaning is done, the dentist will come in to go over your x-rays with you and examine your mouth. They use a periodontal probe to help them examine your teeth and gums to look for any problems. 

If at any time you experience pain or discomfort during the cleaning or exam, let your hygienist or dentist know. They will make sure to take care of pain and discomfort right away. 

For the Little Ones: Kids often experience a lot of anxiety on their first dental visit . Our hygienists and dentists practice tell-show-do with kids, to help them understand what is happening and build trust. 

First Time and Non-Routine Visits

If it’s your first dental visit or if you haven’t had a cleaning in a long time, your cleaning will take longer than usual. You may experience some bleeding from the gums. This is normal and if your dentist doesn’t find other indications of oral health problems, not a worry. Be upfront about how long it’s been since your last visit and if you experience bleeding when you brush or floss your teeth. 

If you’re coming in because of concerns about your teeth such as cavities, damage, or bleeding gums, the dentist will take extra time to listen to your concerns and examine your teeth and gums. If you need extra care beyond your initial visit, the office will help you schedule follow-up appointments. 

Scheduling Regular Visits

Once your visit is complete, it’s important to go ahead and schedule your next regular cleaning. Unless your dentist needs to see you sooner, we’ll typically schedule your appointment every six months to ensure you maintain good oral health. 

After Your Visit

A little soreness after your visit is normal – after all, you just had your teeth thoroughly cleaned. You can take an over-the-counter pain reliever for any minor pain you experience. If pain persists or gets worse or if you have questions or concerns between visits, be sure to contact us right away. 

Are You Looking for a Dentist in Bucks County?

Your and your family’s dental health is important to you and us. Contact us today to make an appointment. 

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