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What to Do with a Broken Tooth or Molar – Dentist in Southampton

Dentist in Southampton

Most people experience a cracked or broken tooth at some point. Whether from biting down on hard food, playing sports, or an accident, it can happen to anyone. Even if your tooth cracked in half with no pain, it’s important to get it fixed as soon as possible. A broken tooth or molar can cause severe problems down the road. Here’s our handy guide on what to do if you have a cracked tooth and how to find a Dentist in Southampton

Dentist in Southampton – Many Types of Tooth Breaks

Tooth breaks cover several different types of injuries to your teeth. Every kind of break is unique, with its ways of addressing them. 

Craze Lines

Craze lines are thin superficial vertical cracks on your tooth with no pain. Craze lines only affect the enamel and don’t go deeper into the tooth. They’re generally caused by age or wear and tear.

Cracked Teeth

Unlike craze lines, cracked teeth generally do cause pain when you choose or expose your teeth to hot or cold temperatures. A crack affects more than the enamel and goes deeper toward the root. Its impact can be huge if left untreated.

Dentist in Southampton

Split Tooth

An untreated cracked tooth can lead to a split tooth. This is where the tooth splits into distinct segments. A split tooth can’t be completely repaired, but part of the tooth may be saved and repaired depending on the extent of damage to the tooth. 

Fractured Cusp

When part of the tooth’s chewing surface breaks away, you have a fractured cusp. This rarely goes into the pulp of the tooth and, if addressed right away, can be repaired easily with a filling or crown. 

Vertical Root Fracture

Unlike other types of cracks and fractures, a vertical root fracture begins under the surface, at the root, and extends upward to the chewing surface. Often these fractures have few, if any, symptoms until the bone or gum become infected. These fractures may require surgery to repair. 

What to Do If You Have a Split or Broken Tooth – Dentist in Southampton

See your dentist if you have a cracked, split, or fractured tooth as soon as possible. Leaving your broken tooth untreated can lead to further damage and even infection. Until you’re able to get in to see your dentist, care for your broken tooth by,

  • Rinsing your mouth with salt water to help minimize pain 
  • Taking over-the-counter pain medication for pain (do not apply topical ointments for pain)
  • Covering any sharp edges with wax paraffin or sugarless gum to keep your tooth from cutting your lip or tongue
  • Eating soft foods and avoiding biting down on the affected tooth

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