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Visiting Your Dentist After Lockdown Ends

Lockdowns have affected all aspects of people’s lives. One area that has taken a significant hit for most people is their oral health. Without a professional to look at your teeth, you may have areas in your mouth that need extra attention.

But fortunately, dental practices are now being allowed to reopen for procedures beyond emergencies. If you’ve been anxious to get your teeth cleaned, now you can.

However, things aren’t the same as they used to be. Dentists like Absolute Smile are implementing several changes — based on recommendations from health authorities — to make your dental visits as safe and comfortable as possible.

Arriving at the Dentist

Many dental offices may inquire if you are feeling well before you even get to the dentist. Appointments must be made online or by phone, and dental practices will ask you not to visit them without an appointment beforehand.

When you’re heading to your dentist, try to arrive on-time rather than early to minimize your time spent in the waiting room.

Waiting For Your Appointment

You’ll have to do a few extra minor things while you’re in the waiting room. First of all, you’ll likely be asked to wear a face covering. You may also see a protective barrier at the reception desk.

Another change you can expect is that reception will ask you to sanitize your hands. Don’t worry, though, as they’ll provide sanitizer for you.

Reception may also ask to take your temperature — most likely via an ear thermometer.

Lastly, you’ll notice that your dentist has optimized their waiting room for social distancing. They’ll be cleaning and disinfecting the waiting room frequently and regularly.

During Treatment

Many changes have been made to treatment rooms and how dental teams operate as well. Dental teams will be wearing extra PPE to maximize safety. They’ll do everything possible to minimize spray during treatments as well.

Some dental practices are also covering their sinks to maximize sanitation. Instead of rinsing as you normally would the dental team will use suctions to clear your mouth.

Treatment rooms themselves will be better ventilated so that old air can exit as quickly and efficiently as possible. Treatment rooms will also be cleaned and disinfected thoroughly between each patient, meaning you’ll have to wait a little longer for your treatment.

After Your Treatment

You’ll even notice some changes post-treatment. For one, your dentist will likely ask you to pay via contactless card when possible. They may also ask that you bring your own pen for any signatures.

Also, if you’re used to receiving booklets on subject matter relevant to your oral health, you’ll now receive this information digitally — either through text message or email.

Absolute Smile puts our patients’ health and safety first. We are implementing stringent sanitization requirements to minimize risk in our post-lockdown world. If you’ve been anxious to have your teeth cleaned and your oral health checked, we’d be happy to help now. Call us today to schedule your appointment.

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