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TMJ Problems and How You Can Prevent Them

TMJ Problems and How You Can Prevent Them


Do you suffer from TMJ issues?  Do you have a son or a daughter who has TMJ problems?  Many people are unfortunately familiar with temporomandibular joint pain, but there are simple solutions to keep you as pain-free as possible.  At Absolute Smile, we work with all of our dental clients so that they can find a way to control dental issues as they arise.  If you would like to know more about TMJ and how to treat it, simply follow the tips and ideas that we suggest.

TMJ refers to the area on your mouth that allows your jaw to move.  This joint is complicated because it causes the jaw to hinge and it also causes it to move forward and back.  Many TMJ problems are related to the muscles in the jaw and not actually the jaw joint, itself.  Muscle problems in the jaw area can be related to clenching and grinding teeth during the day or the night.  They can also be related to your bite and to your teeth not lining up appropriately.


One of the first ways to combat a TMJ problem is by having a dental exam and a joint evaluation.  The professional staff at Absolute Smile can help you get on your way to understanding your TMJ and how to treat it.  Most TMJ treatments involve special dental pieces that can be worn at specific times to prevent your jaw joints from being over flexed.  Sometimes other treatments are suggested, such as physical therapy and medication.  However, there are steps you can take to prevent uncomfortable TMJ issues from popping up in the first place.


At Absolute Smile, we recommend avoiding repetitive mouth movements.  This will prevent your TMJ from getting worse.  We might recommend that you stop chewing gum,

And we might recommend that you avoid taking large bites when eating.  This will help you from putting too much pressure on the jaw area.  Another suggestion we might make is for you to massage your cheek, jaw and temple muscles.  It is also helpful to maintain good posture and use a supportive pillow when sleeping.  Another suggestion is to avoid cradling your phone between your chin and you neck if you often make a habit of doing this.

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