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The Importance of Having an Emergency Dentist Philadelphia PA: Why It’s Essential for Dental Health

It’s essential to visit a dentist regularly for cleanings. But there are times you may need an emergency dentist Philadelphia PA. An emergency dentist will provide treatment if you have a dental condition that requires immediate care.

What is an Emergency Dentist Philadelphia PA?

An emergency dentist will offer same-day appointments. Some may even provide treatment at unconventional times, such as evenings and weekends. They may have a 24/7 emergency line you can call to schedule appointments around the clock.

The right emergency dentists Bucks County PA will also have the skills to deal with severe conditions that qualify as emergencies.

When Might You Need an Emergency Dentist?

Your Tooth Has Been Broken or Knocked Out

A knocked-out or broken tooth can be a source of extreme pain. If you delay getting help, the treatment could be more invasive and expensive. An emergency dentist will address the problem and get you looking and feeling better.

You Have Unexplained Tooth Pain

There are instances when tooth pain becomes so intense that it hurts to breathe. In these situations, you should schedule an appointment right away. An emergency dentist will find the source of the pain and provide relief. They will also offer treatment that prevents the condition from worsening.

A Filling or Crown Comes Loose

Fillings and crowns can fall out due to unexpected impact or normal wear and tear. When this occurs, it will expose the unprotected tooth. 

If you don’t handle the problem quickly, bacteria and food particles can cause further decay. Or you may feel increased pain and sensitivity. You may even require a root canal.

An emergency dentist will tend to the problem right away. They will ensure no further damage occurs.

You Have an Abscessed Tooth

An abscessed tooth is a pocket of pus that appears in the gumline due to a bacterial infection. It typically occurs because of old dental work, a cavity, or an injury. It can be painful.

Don’t wait for an abscessed tooth to get worse. Contact a dentist Bucks County right away.

Exposed Nerves

Exposed nerves can result from tooth decay, gum disease, and other dental issues. It’s a painful condition that requires immediate treatment. If you feel nerve pain in your mouth, do not hesitate to call emergency services.

Your Jaw or Mouth Swells Up

A swollen jaw or mouth is cause for concern. If your jaw or mouth swells up unexpectedly, it could be due to swollen lymph nodes or an infection. In rare cases, it could be cancer.

Unexplained swelling calls for an emergency dental visit. The dentist will provide a diagnosis and recommend treatment.

Something Stuck in Your Gum

Having something stuck in your gum may not seem like a reason for an emergency visit. But it can be a source of extreme pain and inflammation. An emergency dentist will dislodge what is stuck and send you on your way. 

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