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The Benefits of Permanent Makeup

Permanent Makeup Philadelphia

Makeup can be a pain sometimes. What if you could always look fantastic without spending time on a makeup routine every morning?

You can, thanks to permanent makeup.

What is Permanent Makeup?

Permanent makeup is a procedure where an esthetician uses micro-pigmentation — essentially tattooing — to add color to various features of your face. People can use it to achieve a “made-up” look without having to apply makeup every morning, as it mimics the look of regular makeup.

You get to decide how noticeable you want your permanent makeup to be. You can go with something more bold or subtle, depending on your tastes.

How is Permanent Makeup Applied?

First, the esthetician works with you to determine what you want your eyebrows, lashes, and lips to look like. Once you hammer out the details, the esthetician then applies a local anesthetic to numb each area they will be working on.

From there, the esthetician uses a tattoo pen to apply ink (in the proper colors) in each desired area of your face to achieve the look you want. If eyebrows are involved, then microblading is also performed.

In general, you can expect a permanent makeup application to last 30-90 minutes, depending on how much you need.

After the procedure, areas the esthetician worked on will likely be swollen or red a bit, but these effects fade after a few days.

Colors may look stronger than you want at first, but as your skin forms a new layer over the pigmentation, they should fade to the desired shades.

Permanent Makeup, Philadelphia

Who Should Get Permanent Makeup?

If you’re tired of spending so much time every morning putting on makeup, then you’re a great candidate for a permanent makeup procedure. You’ll be able to skip the routine and still look beautiful!

People who live an active lifestyle would also benefit from permanent makeup. No longer will you have to worry about sweat causing your makeup to run. Look great in the gym or on the field!

Also, if aging has caused you to lose hair or lip color, or if you have specific medical conditions that make regular makeup hard to deal with, then permanent makeup could be for you.

Does Permanent Makeup Last Forever?

If you’re worried about always sporting the same look, don’t worry — permanent makeup fades with time. The speed at which it fades depends on your exposure to the sun, as well as your use of lotions and other skin products. Even your natural skin tone affects the life of your makeup.

In general, however, expect your permanent makeup to last 18 months-3 years.

Here at Absolute Smile, we are more than dental experts. We also offer several beauty services in Philadelphia, including permanent makeup. We can provide you excellent dental work and aesthetic-enhancing beauty services you need to feel confident in your appearance.

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