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Teeth In A Day: The Dental Implant Revolution

Throughout most of history, dentists didn’t have as many tools for improving patient smiles as they do today. Most aesthetic dental improvements came in the form of fillings, extractions, and dentures. But demand for the perfect smile is increasing as the population grows and medical/dental tech continues to advance.

Thus, the invention of the dental implant.

Societies of antiquity experimented with many rudimentary forms of dental implants, ranging from fake teeth manufactured from iron to real teeth from animals or even other people. However, the world’s first successful titantium dental implant was placed into a volunteer’s mouth in 1965 by an orthopedic surgeon. Since the success of that dental implant, researchers have made great strides forward with dental implants.

Today, implant patients have a lot of choice in their implant’s shape, size, color, and more. On top of that, technological and material advancements have extended implant longevity so much that many last a lifetime with only minimal checkups and cleaning.

But one of the biggest advancements in dental implants is a procedure called Teeth In A Day. This procedure streamlines the dental implant process down to one day, maximizing the amount of teeth to be replaced in minimal time.

See, normal implants would require one implant per tooth, thus requiring more bone and a longer healing period. However, Teeth In A Day involves only 4 implants. The surgeon fits two of them vertically in front of the jawbone, and two of them behind the jawbone. Since only 4 implants are required, this is an excellent solution for those who don’t have enough bone but don’t want to go through costly and invasive bone grafting.

Such a speedy procedure fills a huge gap in the market; those who need multiple teeth replaced but just don’t have the time for multiple dental visits and/or long healing times. When the procedure’s over, the patient can return to their normal life and flash their beautiful new smile the same day.

If you’re thinking about getting a Teeth In A Day implant, you can expect the following:
Consultation with a dental professional to discuss your goals and other specifics about the treatment
CT scan to create a 3D model treatment plan, making the procedure much quicker
Schedule and attend appointment where actual implants are performed
When finished, you can get back to normal life within a few hours

Society is moving at a faster pace by the day. Thankfully, medicine and dentistry are able to keep up with this lightning fast pace by developing safer, more effective, and faster procedures. Teeth In A Day is among the most revolutionary in dentistry, and we can only expect refinement in the future.

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