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Should You Pull Your Tooth Or Save It?

Once a tooth is diseases or significantly damaged, you may think of having it pulled.

But don’t jump to yanking your tooth right away. You may be able to fix the problem without removing the tooth, and there are plenty of benefits to doing so.

Of course, they’re your teeth, so it’s up to you. However, we at Absolute Smile want you to be fully informed about the facts pertaining to pulling your teeth before such a significant decision. Read more below.

Why Should You Save Your Tooth?

Saving your tooth brings you many benefits and prevents various problems.

Prevents teeth from shifting: When your tooth is pulled, there’s an empty space. Your remaining teeth shift in your mouth to accommodate. Over time, you can have issues with your bite alignment. Chewing will become difficult, limiting your ability to maintain a regular diet. Eventually, you’ll be dealing with pain, too.

Your natural teeth are stronger: The tooth enamel is the hardest substance in your body — 96% of it is minerals. They’re better able to stand up to regular activities, like eating. Plus, they’re easier to care for than artificial teeth. Despite amazing advancements in tooth implants and similar dental devices, nothing can replace your natural teeth.

Less pain and other risks: Pulling a tooth could lead to several days of pain as you recover. There’s also a risk of developing conditions such as dry socket or infection in the wound.

Save money: Keeping your tooth healthy costs money, but pulling it and replacing it could wind up costing you more. You’ll have to pay for additional dental work to replace the tooth.

Cut down on dental visits: Once you have a tooth replacement, you may have to visit the dentist more often to have it cleaned and maintained. This could also add to your costs.

Youthful appearance and confidence: Once your tooth is pulled, there will be a hole in your smile. Not only might this lead to embarrassment and loss of self-confidence, but as your teeth shift, your face may age a bit. Gaps in your jawbone can cause it to collapse and make you appear older.

How Do You Save Your Tooth if it is Decaying or Infected?

Once decay or infection strikes, it might seem like pulling your tooth is your only hope. Fortunately, you can save it with a process called a root canal.

During a root canal, the dentist gets inside the tooth to clean and disinfect it and remove the infected or inflamed pulp. They then seal the tooth with various substances to strengthen the tooth and allow you to recover.

In many cases, the dentist may have to do further restoration work, as the decay and infection could have damaged or weakened the tooth.

You may have heard stories of the terrible pain of root canals. Thanks to advancements in dental tech, however, the pain is no more than what you’d experience with a deep filling. Dentists administer local anesthesia to maximize comfort during the procedure.

With this in mind, ask your dentist about a root canal if they recommend extraction. You might save your natural tooth.

When Should You Extract Your Tooth?

There are some unfortunate cases in which pulling a tooth may be your only option.
Cracked teeth: Cracked teeth — especially if the crack goes below your gum line — may need to be pulled.
Excessive tooth weakness: Teeth that have weakened beyond the ability to be restored may have to be pulled.

Pulling a tooth is a serious discussion, as it’s permanent. If you’re unsure about whether or not to pull your teeth, or if you’ve been having consistent tooth pain, schedule an appointment with Absolute Smile. We’ll help you determine your options for addressing your tooth issue so we can restore your smile. Call us today!

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