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Should You Get Invisalign? 5 Reasons to Consider It

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In a perfect world, all your teeth would grow in at exactly the right angles. But this rarely happens. Many people have at least slightly lopsided or crooked smiles, and it can often be a drain on your confidence. Fortunately, you may not need unwieldy braces to keep your teeth arrow-straight. Invisalign could be an excellent solution for you, and here are five reasons why.

1. It’s Discreet and Hard to See

Braces might be bearable when you’re a child or teen, but let’s be honest: it can be a bit embarrassing as an adult.

That’s where Invisalign shines. Unless someone is staring closely at your teeth, Invisalign is practically impossible to see. Consequently, you can show your smile with confidence knowing that Invisalign is keeping your teeth in their proper places.

“Invisible” is part of the name, after all.

2. It’s Removable

Invisalign provides further discretion and convenience by being removable, unlike braces. With Invisalign, you don’t have to be extra careful to avoid certain hard and chewy foods. Just pop them out before every meal.

Maybe you’re going out to play some sports. Don’t worry about breaking your braces if you get hit in the mouth — you can take your Invisalign out while you play.

And lastly, maintaining your healthy oral hygiene habits is easy. You don’t need to pay extra attention to unsticking food and debris from the brackets and wire, because there are none.

3. Ease of Care

Similar to the above point, Invisalign is easier to care for than braces. With braces, you have to carefully work in between wires and brackets to weed out food and debris, and you have to be careful not to break or snap anything.

Not to mention that you can’t take them out of your mouth, so cleaning them can be a bit unwieldy.

But since you can pop Invisalign right out, and since there’s no complex structure of bracket and wire, cleaning them is simple.

philadelphia invisalign bucks county pa

4. It’s Comfortable

Dental devices like retainers and braces can cause pain in the teeth and gums, but Invisalign is much less likely to do so. It fits right over your teeth and keeps them in place comfortably. Just don’t forget that you’re wearing your Invisalign!

5. Time Savings

It seems like everyone gets busier by the day. Few people have the time to visit an orthodontist once a month, plus any additional dental visits to ensure clean teeth while wearing braces.

Invisalign is a good choice for busy people. You only need to schedule appointments every six weeks, giving you some extra time in between appointments. And as long as you maintain your oral hygiene, extra dental visits likely won’t be necessary.

Ready to turn your lopsided teeth into a beautiful, symmetrical smile? Pay a visit to Absolute Smile. We are an authorized provider of Invisalign in Philadelphia. We’ll create a custom treatment plan to get you on the path towards straight teeth.

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