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Pros to Laser Dentistry- Are You Missing Out?

Believe it or not, dentists have been using lasers for specialized treatments since the late 1980s — making the technology over 30 years old now. In 1990, laser dentistry became a mainstream method of completing various dental procedures. 

Back then, laser dentistry was new, although it was quite safe. There were many improvements to be made. Plus, people were quite anxious to try brand new dental procedures, especially those involving machines. 

However, laser dentistry technology has made leaps and bounds from then, becoming even more effective at handling various dental issues such as removing overgrown gum tissue, reshaping gums, cleaning out tooth decay, and even removing throat tissue that contributes to sleep apnea.  

It may sound intimidating, but it’s extremely safe and often better than the dentist manually performing procedures. 

With that in mind, here are 3 big reasons to consider laser dentistry the next time you visit the dentist. 

  1. Less Pain

Many strongly dislike the dentist due to all the sharp objects going into their mouths, especially if they have sensitive teeth and gums. There may be a decent level of pain in certain procedures when done by hand.  

Lasers actually reduce pain quite a bit in most instances. Less pain means you’re less likely to require anesthesia — you won’t have to deal with a numb mouth from local anesthesia or grogginess from general anesthesia. 

This is partly because lasers immediately seal off nerve endings due to cauterization. This keeps pain to a minimum. 

  1. Less Noise = Less Anxiety

Children and adults alike can get anxious and nervous when they hear the loud sounds of dental equipment such as drills. Even if you’re in for a routine cleaning and exam, hearing a big machine makes loud noises can get your stomach in a knot. 

Dental lasers are small and handheld, and they don’t make loud noises when the dentist uses them. With a smaller size and minimal noise, the patient can soothe their nerves — which ultimately leads to a smoother procedure, too. 

  1. Faster Healing Time

Healing from dental procedures can be frustrating. It can be hard to eat, and you often have to restrict your diet. Plus, speaking properly can be a struggle for a bit afterward. Not to mention you have to be careful not to get the wound infected. 

Lasers help to alleviate this issue because they’re very precise. They cause a little bleeding, swelling, and inadvertent damage to surrounding tissue. This leaves a much smaller wound that heals much faster. 

Schedule Your Laser Dentistry Appointment in Philadelphia

There are only a few of the many advantages laser dentistry can offer you the next time you’re in the dentist’s chair. If you want to take advantage of these benefits, schedule your appointment with Absolute Smile today! All new patients get a free consultation. 

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