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Key Benefits of Invisalign

Benefits of Invisalign

Would you like a more confident smile? Perhaps you’ve read about Invisalign® but are still wondering if it’s right for you? Your perfect smile is possible, and it can be just a year away. Let’s look at the Benefits of Invisalign and see if you’re ready to take the next step. 

What is Invisalign®?

Invisalign® is a series of clear aligners that sit over your teeth. These aligners apply pressure to your teeth and gently move them into a better position in your mouth. Your orthodontist creates each aligner based how your teeth are set and what adjustments you need. As you progress through each aligner, your teeth slowly move into a straighter position.

What Are the Benefits of Invisalign?

Invisalign® offers numerous benefits for patients compared to traditional braces or avoiding treatment altogether. 

Invisalign® is Comfortable

Invisalign® are smooth liners that sit over your teeth. You don’t have uncomfortable brackets that can scratch your lips and cheeks. 

Enjoy a Clean Mouth During Treatment

Benefits of Invisalign – Because you can remove your Invisalign® you can brush and floss your teeth and thoroughly clean the aligner each time you remove it. You don’t need special flossing devices or other tools to keep up with your daily dental hygiene routine.

Eat What You Want

Benefits of Invisalign -You can eat what you want because you remove your aligners before meals. Just put your Invisalign® into its travel case, eat the food you want, and after brushing your teeth, replace your aligner. 

Benefits of Invisalign

Straighter Teeth Means Better Dental Health – Benefits of Invisalign

Overcrowding, crooked teeth, and gaps can all cause additional dental hygeine problems. Straightening your teeth will make it easier to floss and brush, resulting in healthier teeth and gums – which will help prevent future problems as well. 

Invisalign® Treatment Is Fast

A full Invisalign® treatment usually takes 12 months, where traditional braces can take as long as 3 years. 

Benefits of Invisalign – Invisalign® is Discreet

Your aligners are clear and hardly noticeable. For busy adults and teens who don’t want to disrupt their daily lives but want a straighter smile, Invisalign® is a perfect alternative to braces.

A Healthy Smile is a Confident Smile

Invisalign® provides patients with a new, healthy smile. A healthy smile brings confidence. You’re not worried about how your teeth look when you talk to someone or when you eat. 

Do You Need Invisalign® or Dental Implants in Southampton?

Whether you need dental implants, Invisalign®, or are just behind on your dental visits, Absolute Smile is here. Contact us for an appointment for you and your whole family. 

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