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Have Diabetes? Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Wait to See Your Dentist.

Know When to See Your Dentist-Absolute Smile

If you are diabetic or if you know someone who is, then you might already understand the importance of dental visits. Many adults with diabetes don’t visit their dental care providers as often as they should and it can have adverse effects on their overall health. If you have diabetes or know someone who does, then it’s important to learn more about the connection between this condition and oral hygiene.

According to research, those with diabetes are at an increased risk of developing gum disease. Blood sugar control can be negatively affected by diabetes, which is why dental care is so important for those with this condition. Many dental care providers can help you understand why dental care is so critical to maintaining good overall health.

At Absolute Smile. We offer dental care for the entire family. We understand the importance of good oral health and we encourage those with diabetes to stay up to date on their scheduled appointments. Regular dental visits can help people keep their oral health in check, which is important for those with specific medical issues.

Regular dental visits also help decrease the likelihood of other oral health complications. Cavities and other dental problems are best detected as early as possible so that they can be treated accordingly. Scheduling an annual visit is a great idea for those with diabetes because it helps prevent complications that might otherwise present themselves in the future.

Those with diabetes are sometimes at a greater risk for mouth sores, as well. Regular dental check-ups can help determine if you have any complications with these sores and will also help you prevent more in the future. If you have diabetes, simply schedule your dental visit in accordance with meal times and make an effort to brush and floss after each meal. You should try to have your teeth cleaned every three to six months.



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