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Fun Facts to Get You Started on Dental Implants

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Picking through all that internet info on dental implants can be a lot to chew (pun intended).

So, here are some good facts to know to get you started on the road to a new set of teeth.

  • Three birds one stone.

When you get a dental implant, you’re actually getting three distinct parts placed in your mouth.

The Crown –This is the part that actually looks like a nice white tooth, sitting on top of the gum line.

The Abutment –This is the middle part that connects the artificial tooth with the artificial root. It keeps the crown securely in place.

The Implant –As its name suggests, this is the piece that is actually implanted/inserted into your bone. It’s placed in the jawbone, making the whole artificial tooth structurally sound and almost like a natural tooth.

  • They’re made of titanium.

You can shout it out loud like Sia and David Guetta, because with dental implants you really are Titanium. Dental implants are made of titanium, which is an extremely strong material, even stronger than steel. So, it’s no wonder these implants last so long.

  • It doesn’t have to be just the one.

It used to be that if you were missing a full set of top or bottom teeth, your only option was dentures. But now, there’s another option. Because dental implants aren’t only for single tooth replacement. You can also get what’s called a full arch dental implant, which is a full row of artificial teeth for the top or bottom of your mouth.

You’ll never have to worry about losing your dentures again.

Fun Facts to Get You Started on Dental Implants-Absolute Smile

  • Cavities be gone.

Now here’s a definite fun fact: dental implants can’t get cavities. Phew.

Since dental implants are titanium, and not made of real bone, they cannot get cavities. Which means you have one less thing to worry about. You still have to take care of them, brushing and flossing daily. But that’s easy to do while you care for your other teeth anyway.

No extra maintenance needed.

  • They’re age proof.

Dental implants are for any age. If you’ve got a missing tooth, whether from injury or tooth decay, dental implants are a way to go. All you need are healthy gums and a jawbone, and you’re good for the implants.

Note: Dental implants are meant to replace adult teeth that will not grow back. They are not meant for children’s teeth that have yet to grow, or will soon be naturally replaced with adult teeth.

  • You can get a free consultation.

If you’re thinking about getting dental implants, going for a professional consultation can definitely help. And some places, even offer free consultations.

At Absolute Smile, we offer new patients a chance to get examined by one of our experienced doctors for FREE of charge, to see if they’re good candidates for dental implants.

Want to hear some more fun facts? Give Absolute Smile a call today, and we’ll give you the 411 on all your dental implant need-to-know information.

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