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Difference between Temporary, Semi, and Permanent Eyelash Extensions

Permanent Eyelash Extensions

Over time, our eyelashes thin, leaving us feeling less confident about our appearance. At Absolute Smile, our patients love our lash extensions. We offer both semi-permanent lashes that last 2-6 weeks and permanent eyelash extensions. New patients often ask us about the difference between our semi and permanent eyelashes and temporary lashes. So, let’s take a brief look at each to help you select your perfect lashes.

What Are Temporary Eyelash Extensions? 

The most common temporary lashes are the type you purchase in the store. These lashes are designed to be worn for only one or two days and are perfect for special events. They are made from a variety of materials depending on the manufacturer, and are applied with lash glue so that you can remove them easily after use. 

Temporary lashes are ideal for people who only need thicker lashes for special occasions or a weekly outing. 

What Are Semi-Permanent Lash Extensions?

Semi-permanent lash extensions attach to your natural lashes to create longer, thicker lashes. These lashes last longer than temporary lashes, but are not a permanent solution to thin lashes. Because they attach to your existing lashes, they will fall out with your natural lashes over time. This usually takes 2-6 weeks, depending on how long it takes for your lashes to fall out and regrow. 

Lash extensions typically come in three materials:

  • Synthetic: An inexpensive lash-like material.
  • Silk: A darker, richer lash extension. These extensions usually make you look like you already have mascara on. 
  • Mink: Mink provides a very natural look and blend well with natural lashes. They are the most luxurious option of the three. 

Semi-permanent lashes are ideal for people who want to thicken their lashes but don’t want to spend time applying temporary lashes regularly.

Permanent Eyelash Extensions

What Are Permanent Lash Extensions? 

Permanent lash extensions are implants of new lashes along your upper and lower lid. Because you’re not receiving an extension on your current lash, they don’t fall out with your other lashes. Instead, you receive new follicles that stimulate and encourage new lash growth.

Permanent lash extensions are perfect for people who have very thin lashes and would like to have natural lashes again. 

Are You Looking for a Lash Solution?

Contact us today about your options for Permanent Eyelash Extensions. We can help refresh your eyes and give you the look you desire. 

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