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The health of your teeth is a lifelong commitment, especially as you grow older. Whether you are looking to replace your entire smile or are one of the 178 million Americans with at least one tooth missing, come see us at My Absolute Smile; Philadelphia’s most trusted name in dental implant procedures.

How Does Tooth Replacement Dentistry Work?

Dental implants are a proven solution for restoring missing teeth, both for maintaining the integrity of your jaw bone and restoring your natural smile. These implants begin with a titanium metal root being inserted into the jawbone, replacing the root of the now-missing natural tooth. This root anchors your replacement tooth to the jawbone, recreating the look and feel of your original teeth and allowing you to eat and speak just like you used to.

Not only do we offer this effective dental treatment, but we also offer implant supported dentures that permanently anchor an entire row of teeth to your jaw, providing the appearance of your old smile without any of the discomfort of traditional dentures.

Restore Your Natural Smile Today

My Absolute Smile is your first, best choice when it comes to dental implants. With our dental implant dentist overseeing the procedure, you will be left with an improved quality of life and a necessary confidence boost. To learn more about this procedure, or each of the other services we provide for Philadelphia’s residents, simply visit one of our many offices or call us today.

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