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Dental implants in Bucks county – What Happens If You Don’t Get an Implant After Tooth Extraction?

Dental implants in Bucks County

Dental implants in Bucks County offer patients a permanent tooth repair solution. We have discussed the benefits of implants and the situations where we may recommend delaying an implant procedure. What happens if you don’t get a dental implant at all?

Dental implants in Bucks County – Why People Avoid Implants

It’s hard to know all the reasons that people avoid dental implants. However, we have seen two common motivations expressed by patients who are reluctant to go through with the treatment. 

  • They are afraid of the procedure itself and worry about the recovery process
  • They are anxious about the cost of the procedure and worry they won’t be able to afford it

At Absolute Smile, we understand our patients’ worries about procedures and will take the time you need to know how treatments take place. We will discuss pain management options and care after the procedure. We will also work with you to help ensure you can afford the procedure, working with your insurance and discussing payment options. 

We take these extra steps because your oral health is essential to us. 

Dental implants in Bucks County- What Happens If You Don’t Get Dental Implants?

Dental implants for our Philadelphia patients are a permanent tooth repair solution. The benefits to your Smile are obvious; you have all your teeth back. However, the consequences of not getting your implants go much deeper than your Smile. 

Tooth loss causes bone atrophy in the jaw. Without your teeth stimulate the bone, your jawbone density decreases, leading to further dental problems and more invasive procedures. 

Avoiding implants leads to further tooth misalignment as your teeth begin to shift in your mouth. This will not only affect your Smile, and it can also make brushing and flossing less effective as your teeth move. 

Avoiding implants leaves your gum exposed to food, bacteria, and injury.

Dental implants in Bucks County

Can I Wait for a Little Longer?

It would help if you got your dental implants as soon as possible, whether following a dental extraction or replacing already missing teeth. Sometimes, we may need to delay your dental implants to allow time for your gums and jawbone to heal. 

When we delay your implant procedure, we carefully balance your healing needs with the effects of waiting for implants. It’s essential to your overall health that your implants are placed as soon as possible. If you have concerns about the procedure or its affordability, discuss them with us immediately so we can ensure you get your implants when needed.

Are You Looking for Dental Implants or Dental Cleaning in Bucks County?

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