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5 Ways to Care for Your Teeth During the Holidays

Care for Your Teeth During the Holidays

It’s that time of year where we indulge in rich, sweet foods with family and friends. While they taste delightful, they can do real harm to our oral health. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to reduce the impact rich foods and sweets have on your teeth while enjoying some indulgences. 

Chew Cinnamon Gum

We’ve known for a long time that chewing sugar-free gum is good for your teeth. The act of chewing produces saliva, which reduces plaque build-up on the teeth. Making it sugar-free gum ensures you don’t add additional harmful sugar to your teeth and body. Did you know that cinnamon has benefits to your oral health too? Making your sugar-free chewing gum cinnamon this year will not only help you keep plaque down, and keep you in the festive spirit with the taste and smell of cinnamon, but also add cinnamon aldehyde to help reduce bacteria. 

Stick to Your Brushing Routine

It’s so easy to get caught up in the excitement of the season. Make sure that you keep up with your oral care routine. Brushing, flossing, and rinsing are all important to keep bacteria and plaque from building up on your teeth. Keep a travel-sized toothbrush, mouthwash, and floss picks with you when you eat at restaurants or friends’ houses so that you don’t fall behind on your routine.

Holiday teeth care

Regular cleanings are vital for healthy teeth and gums during the holiday


Eat Teeth-Healthy Foods

We know you will indulge in sweets this holiday season. Instead of telling you what to avoid, instead, what can you add to help mitigate harm to your teeth? Take a break from the sweets with crunchy fruits and vegetables. Carrots are a great snack. Leave yourself a few apples out of the pie. Make sure that you add whole grains to the bread you eat as well. 

Drink Plenty of Water

Water is an important part of a healthy diet. It helps to keep your body regulated and clean. Drinking water also helps to keep your mouth clear of residue from food and other drinks, which reduces bacteria and plaque. Even if you enjoy other beverages with your meal, keep a glass of water to drink while you eat and after you finish your meal. This is especially important to do when you eat sweets to keep sugar from staying around in your mouth. 

Schedule a Post-Holiday Cleaning & Checkup

Regular checkups and cleanings are vital for healthy teeth and gums. Schedule your post-holiday appointment today. Regular cleanings ensure that your teeth stay healthy. Regular checkups help you find cavities and other dental problems early. The sooner you address dental health problems, the less impact they will have on you in the future. So be sure to schedule that checkup now.

This is a wonderful time of year. We want you to fully enjoy everything the holiday season has to offer without regret. Doing a few simple things to care for your teeth will help you enjoy what you eat worry-free.

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