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When you want to look younger, you probably think about a dermatologist or a plastic surgeon, not a dentist. But at Absolute Smile, our Botox and Juvederm services can give you a youthful look to go along with your beautiful smile.

The Benefits of Botox

Botox helps the face look younger and firmer by augmenting the lips and smoothing wrinkles found on the face.

Minimally Invasive & Quick

Botox is a quick, minimally invasive way to look younger. It takes only minutes, with little preparation required and no anesthesia needed.

All it involves is a quick injection into the areas of the face where you’d like the Botox to be applies. You’ll experience minor discomfort at most.

No Downtime

Most patients can immediately resume their daily activities without difficult following Botox treatment.

Smooths Wrinkles and Augments the Lips

Botox removes wrinkles from your face, giving your a youthful appearance. It can also be used to augment the lips for a fuller lip look.

Botox’s wrinkle-reducing effects take three to seven days to take effect.


Botox isn’t permanent — after several months, the effects fade away. This is excellent if you decide after awhile that you no longer want the look Botox provides. You can then visit your dentist again and receive another Botox treatment if you’d like — otherwise, your face will be back to normal.


Botox is much cheaper than plastic surgery. Plastic surgery can cost thousands or more, whereas Botox usually costs a few hundred. Even the most extensive Botox treatments typically won’t go much over $1,000.

Why Get Botox From a Dentist?

You might be wondering why the dentist — a place to get your teeth cleaned — would be a good place to receive Botox treatment.

However, there are many benefits to visiting a dentist for this procedure.

Knowledge and Training

Dentists have more training in the oral and facial areas than other doctors.

Additionally, dental practitioners have a deep understanding of how facial muscles and expressions work, helpful for both advising you on your potential Botox treatment and for successfully administering the Botox.

Hand Dexterity

Botox involves using a fine needle near sensitive areas of the face, so you want a professional with the dexterity required to maintain a steady hand. Dentists have years of experience handling sharp objects inside of the mouths of their patients, which has allowed them to develop great dexterity with their hands.

Facial Proportions

Your dentist completely considers your facial proportions before administering Botox so you can look your best.

Absolute Smile provides excellent Botox in Philadelphia. Let’s restore a vibrant, youthful look to your face; contact Absolute Smile today!

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