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Botox in Southampton: 11 Things You Need to Know

Botox in Southampton

Botox is one of the most common non-surgical cosmetic treatments in the United States. While it’s been approved for medical treatment since the 1980s and cosmetic treatment since 2002, many people still know little about it. If you’re considering Botox treatments in Southampton for your wrinkles, here are 11 things we at Absolute Smile want to make sure you know. 

Botox is a Neurotoxin

The word toxin sounds scary, but the procedure itself is safe. However, it’s important that you know how Botox works. Botox Cosmetic is a diluted serum from the botulinum toxin. The toxin is a neurotoxin, meaning that it causes paralysis. In treatments, however, that paralysis is limited to the treatment area and prevents wrinkles from forming in the skin. 

Research Is Important

While Botox is safe, it is not without its side effects. As with any procedure, you should always do research (the Mayo Clinic has an excellent overview of Botox). Our staff at Absolute Smile are happy to consult with you and answer any questions you have about Botox Cosmetic and its side effects. 

Anyone Can Get Botox

There is no recommended age for Botox. While it is associated with middle age, you can get treatments earlier to help prevent wrinkles from appearing. In addition, Botox is not just for women. The treatment is the most common form of cosmetic treatment for men. 

Botox in Southampton

You Won’t Be Expressionless

The frozen Botox face is a myth. The area that Botox paralyzes is small, focused only on the treatment sights where wrinkles would form (corners of the eyes, between the brows, and forehead – specifically wrinkles associated with facial expressions. You will still be able to smile, show surprise, and form all your normal daily expressions. 

Botox Doesn’t Remove All Wrinkles

Botox is used primarily to address wrinkles that form from routine, repeated expressions. Static wrinkles that form because of genetics, UV exposure, or lack of collagen and moisture are unaffected by Botox.  

Botox is the Brand

While we usually refer to the procedure as “Botox” the name refers to a specific brand. At Absolute Smile, we use Botox Cosmetic for our “Botox” procedures. While all brands originate from the same botulinum strain, it is always a good idea to know the brand of “Botox” you’ll receive in your procedure. 

Botox Doesn’t Really Hurt

If needles and shots make you nervous, have no fear. The treatment is quick and usually painless. One of the advantages of receiving Botox from a dental provider is that we are experienced with injections and can help calm you if you’re nervous your first time. 

Your Face Will Feel Funny at First

While the procedure is relatively painless, you will feel a little funny when the results begin to kick in. The toxin doesn’t completely immobilize your muscles, but it does restrict them. Some patients have described it as feeling like taping down your skin. The feeling is most intense in the first few days after treatment but eases. 

Botox Is Not One-and-Done

Multiple sessions of Botox treatment are required to see the best results. On average, Botox lasts around three months. Most patients will receive their Botox treatments about 3 to 4 times a year. 

Botox Stays with You for the Length of the Treatment

If you’re unhappy with your Botox results, you will need to wait for the effects to wear off. Additional treatment to the area can cause complications. However, if you experience rare but serious side effects such as vision problems, muscle weakness, loss of bladder control, trouble speaking, or trouble breathing, call your doctor right away.  

There Are a Few Do-Nots After Treatment

After you receive your Botox injection, avoid touching or massaging the treated areas (remember, they will feel “funny”) for 48 hours. You should also avoid any laser treatments to the area during that time. It is also a good idea to avoid rigorous exercise the same day you receive treatment. 

You should also avoid Botox if you’re pregnant, planning to become pregnant, nursing, or have an allergy to the protein in cow milk.  

Are You Looking for Botox in Southampton?

Contact us today to discuss your needs. We can schedule an appointment and help you look like the ideal you. 

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