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Benefits Of Dental Implants-Absolute Smile

Benefits Of Dental Implants

Modern health and dental technology have done wonders for tens of millions of people. Unfortunately, millions of Americans still lose adult teeth to gum disease, tooth decay, or physical injury.

Bridges have traditionally been used to replace one or more missing teeth. Dentures are commonly seen in older adults as their teeth may weaken, but they’ve been used in younger adults too.

However, bridges require healthy adjacent teeth, which isn’t always an option. Dentures can be messy and embarrassing to live with

Which is where dental implants come in.

Better Appearance

Dental implants mimic your teeth not only in look, but in feel as well. They fuse to the bone, which definitely helps make them feel right at home in your mouth.

You do have to clean them like any other tooth to keep out bacteria. Just practice great oral hygiene and no one will ever know your implant is an implant at all.

Better Comfort

Implants are permanent thanks to their fusing to the bone. No more worrying about dentures moving around in your mouth or having to put them in/take them out.

Better Health

Bridges generally require healthy adjacent teeth so crowns can be placed on them to support the bridge. Implants don’t since they’re fused into your bone. They may as well be your actual teeth.

Easier Speech

Dentures can slip within the mouth during the speech if they aren’t fitted exactly right. Doing so can cause sudden slurring of words and other speech difficulties. Since implants are fused to the bone, they won’t slip or wobble around your mouth as you talk.

Easier Eating

Poor-fitting dentures affect your ability to eat as well. When your dentures are sliding with each bite, simply enjoying a meal can become frustrating. Implants sit in place, giving you back the ability to eat without complications. Just make sure to clean them thoroughly after eating to prevent infection of the gum line.

Benefits Of Dental Implants 1-Absolute Smile

Can’t Decay or Die

Dental implants might be fused into your tooth, but they aren’t organic material. They can’t decay or die. The only way they could fall out is a physical impact to them. Again, you must keep them clean like your other teeth, but you have peace of mind knowing that at least your implants won’t get cavities nor can they die.

Clean and Convenient

Removable dentures must be put in at the beginning of the day and taken out when you go to bed. On top of that, insertion and removal of dentures can be a little messy. Implants require none of that; they sit in your mouth, blending in with your other teeth. You won’t even remember you have implants anyways until you go to the dentist!


Implants can last for decades even with mediocre oral hygiene. But with great care and regular dental visits, your dental implants will last you for life. Crowns and bridges do last a pretty long time, requiring replacement once every 10-15 years, but you can’t beat the longevity of dental implants.

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