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AS – Poor Dental Health and Disease

AS – Poor Dental Health and Disease-Absolute Smile

Dental health is an important part of your overall health and your self-image. Poor oral health can lead to tooth decay, gum disease, even jawbone loss in the worst cases.

But it doesn’t stop at your mouth and face. Poor dental health has been linked to non-dental diseases like heart disease and diabetes.

Knowing this, it’s of the utmost importance to keep an excellent oral hygiene routine, including brushing, flossing, rinsing, and avoiding sugary foods.

Oral Health and General Health

In recent years, researchers have found a link between poor oral health and diseases that aren’t related to the mouth region.

So how exactly could poor oral health habits lead to an increased risk of serious diseases like heart disease and cancer?

In short, it’s the bacteria. Many of the bacteria in your mouth are harmless; some are actually good. But the mouth is the entrance to your digestive and respiratory systems, providing the bad bacteria in easy route into your body.

Diseases That Could Be Linked to Oral Health

Researchers have found links between poor oral health and few different diseases:
Cardiovascular disease – Researchers aren’t completely sure of the link between poor oral health and cardiovascular disease yet, but some of their research suggests that infections and inflammation caused by bad oral bacteria can play a part.
Endocarditis – Endocarditis is the infection of the inner lining of your heart’s valves and chambers. Bacteria from other areas of the body – in this case, your mouth – get into the bloodstream, travel to the heart, then stick to the inner lining.
Pneumonia – Some bacteria can travel from your mouth to your lungs, which can result in pneumonia. Other respiratory issues can occur as well.

Health Oral Habits for a Healthy Body

To lower your risk for oral disease and other disease, you’ll want to follow good oral hygiene habits. These include
Brushing – 2-3 times per day, preferably after meals. Use a soft-bristle brush and cover every surface of the tooth. Brush the tongue once per day as well.
Flossing – Once per day, get each and every tooth.
Rinse – To help grab loose and stubborn particles still in your teeth; leaves your breath smelling fresh and clean.
Avoiding sugar – Sugar can accelerate tooth decay; excessive sugar consumption contributes to several other health issues throughout the body.

The last part of keeping your oral health in tip top shape is seeing a dentist on a regular basis to get your teeth cleaned and catch any early warning signs of potential problems. In addition, if you experience any sort of oral health issues like cavities or sensitive gums, you shouldn’t hesitate to see a dentist.

Absolute Smile provides the best-in-class dental services in Philadelphia. Schedule an appointment with us today so we can keep your mouth and your body as healthy as can be.

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