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A Lifted, Tightened Look Without Surgery, Now Available at Absolute Smile

A Lifted, Tightened Look Without Surgery, Now Available at Absolute Smile-Absolute Smile

At Absolute Smile, the individual needs of each and every patient come first. Our goal is and has always been to provide you with the specific options that will meet your unique dental or cosmetic needs, and we do it in an environment that is focused on making you comfortable. Our comprehensive care team is recognized across Philadelphia for the way we prioritize client interest and embrace new and innovative options in health care and cosmetic technologies. Ours is the premier customer-centric dental and cosmetic health clinic in Philadelphia, and now, in an effort to continue putting our clients’ changing needs first, we’re adding a new and exciting service option!

In addition to the dental health care services that we provide such as

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We are now pleased and excited to offer absorbable Nova Threading! This breakthrough technology relies on the use of absorbable sutures to lift and tighten sagging or creases in the face for a beautiful and aquiline look. It’s an FDA-approved option that lets clients look and feel their best without having to undergo painful, expensive, and time-consuming face-lift surgeries. Avoid the downtime and risk associated with traditional face-lift surgery – Nova Threading is a quick and relatively pain-free option that offers indistinguishable results from the traditional face-lift, without the scarring or other associated risks!

Nova Threading is minimally-invasive and works wonders on areas of the face, neck, and jowls. Threads are passed just beneath the skin and have small cone-like “graspers” which gently pull skin upwards, re-suspending it from beneath for that more youthful, tightened look. Further, threads are dissolvable: you won’t live forever with threads beneath your facial skin because after only a few days the threads will dissolve entirely, but your rejuvenated, lifted face will remain. This is so important, as it helps prevent the risk of bacterial infection, making Nova Threading an incredibly safe option. 

So if you’re ready for an option that will give you beautiful, youthful skin without the pains and concerns of surgery, it’s time for you to come talk to us about Nova Threading! We’ll be happy to sit down and consult with you on the numerous benefits and exciting options that await you with threading, and are available to discuss our other unique beauty service offerings with you. Our office on Harbison Avenue is open 6 days a week and is ready to serve you for whatever dental or cosmetic needs you may have. And with our five renowned doctors on staff, we promise to keep wait times low and to offer you only the most comprehensive and dedicated care. So, if it’s officially time for you to consider some new beauty service alternatives and to embrace that rejuvenated look you’ve always wanted, come visit us at Absolute Smile and let us show you what Nova Threading can do for you!


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