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5 Things Every Person with Dentures Needs to Know

5 Things Every Person with Dentures Needs to Know

Dentures are a wonderful thing, giving many people back their smiles and helping them live healthier lives. If you’ve gotten dentures recently, or if you’re considering them, you want to be sure that you care for them. Here are 5 things that everyone with dentures needs to know about them. 

Practice Eating and Talking When You First Get Them

It takes time to get used to your dentures. After all, these aren’t your original teeth. Your mouth and muscles need time to adjust to their presence. When you first get your dentures, start with soft foods so that you get used to using them. 

Talking is also different with dentures, as the shape of our mouth and our teeth helps determine how we pronounce words. Start slow and test out words, starting from simple to complex sounds. Don’t get frustrated if you find something tricky to say. Just take time and practice. You’ll be back to your normal conversations before you know it.

Remove Them When You’re Not Using Them

You shouldn’t wear your dentures all day and night. Because they sit over the gum, they put pressure on your gums and bone. If you don’t remove the dentures this can cause numbness in the gum, shrinking gums, and bad breath. Take them out at night and periodically during the day when you don’t need to wear them. When you do, be sure to soak them in a glass of water or denture-cleaning solution. 

Practice Good Oral Hygiene

Having dentures doesn’t mean you can ignore your oral health. Plaque and tartar can still build up on your dentures and can still harm your gums. For proper oral health after dentures, make sure you, 

  • Clean your dentures regularly to remove food particles
  • Brush your dentures with a soft toothbrush and denture cleaner
  • Clean your gums with a soft cloth

5 Things Every Person with Dentures Needs to Know

Keep Up Regular Dental Appointments

You should visit your dentist about every 2-3 months to ensure you keep good oral health. This allows your dentist to look for other dental problems and ensure that you’re mouth is adjusting well to your dentures. 

Your Dentures Need Regular Relining

Over time, your mouth will adjust to your dentures and your dentures will lose their grip in your mouth. Fortunately, the procedure to reline them is quick and easy. Keeping up with your dental appointments will allow your dentist to ensure that your dentures are fitting right. Keeping your dentures aligned properly means you won’t need to replace them later. 

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