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Why Mouth Bacteria Can Harm Your Lungs

Have you ever wondered what bacteria can do to your body? Research has now proven that poor dental hygiene can actually have a negative impact on your respiratory health. If you ever wondered whether poor oral health and bacterial infections were connected, the answer is yes. Mouth bacteria can have harmful consequences, especially for older people.

Good oral hygiene is always a hallmark of balanced health. Tongue microbiota, in particular, plays an important role in overall respiratory health and is connected to the way we take care of our teeth and gums. Proper oral health is especially important for seniors to ensure that they remain healthy into old age.

It might not be common knowledge, yet it is still important to understand that oral microbiota is responsible for our health. These bacteria is ingested and even though we can’t see it, it still has in impact on our wellness. Several medical studies have concluded that there is a profound link between gut microbiota and cancer, heart conditions, depression and anxiety, just to name a few. The bacteria on our tongue travels to our gut.

Seniors, in particular, are more susceptible to contracting pneumonia because they have a greater chance of inhaling this bacterium. In a study, certain seniors had their microbiota examined and it was determined that the main bacterium identified was linked to pneumonia. The study also revealed that the seniors who had more plaque and cavities also had a higher greater probability of having more bacteria.

Microbial imbalance in the gut or on the tongue is linked to immune system disorders and is also linked to a higher chance of pneumonia-related deaths in older adults. The overarching conclusion is that having fewer teeth and having more dental cavities increases your chance of contracting respiratory illness.




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