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What Causes Tooth Sensitivity?-Absolute Smile

What Causes Tooth Sensitivity?

Do you have sensitive teeth? It’s estimated that close to 3 million Americans suffer from tooth sensitivity in the United States. Many people experience tooth sensitivity with both hot and cold foods and beverages. Some people even have tooth sensitivity to sweets. If you think you have tooth sensitivity, read on for more details.

Talking to a trusted dental care provider is the best idea if you suffer from tooth sensitivity but the professionals at Absolute Smile have a few facts to help you understand why your teeth are sensitive in the first place. Absolute Smile is always ready to help you figure out what is going on with your teeth so you can be confident about your oral health.

Tooth sensitivity can be sporadic and is usually caused by exposed dentin on root areas from either gum disease or receded gums. The root areas of your teeth are unprotected by enamel. When this enamel wears away, the nerves of your teeth are exposed which can cause teeth sensitivity.Dental Inspection – Absolute SmileCause of this erosion vary, but in many cases can be linked to use of abrasive toothpaste, an acidic diet, overzealous teeth brushing, teeth grinding, teeth whitening, bulimia or dry mouth. While this might sound like a long list, the good news is that tooth sensitivity can be treated.

Speak to your dentist if you notice tooth sensitivity. You’ll want to rule out cavities and tooth decay. Your dentist might recommend a special toothpaste or, in some cases, maybe even a filling. You might need to consider dietary changes, such as elimination of fruit juice, alcohol and high-sugar soda. Good oral hygiene is also important. If you experience tooth sensitivity and need a dental care provider who can help you manage your situation, then contact the team at Absolute Smile. They can get you straightened out in no time.

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