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Ways to Make Dental Hygiene Fun for Your Kids

Do your kids grumble when you tell them that it’s time to brush their teeth? For many kids, brushing their teeth is an annoying chore that they’d rather not have to do. Yet with the right approach and a little creativity, you can get your kids excited to brush and happy to keep their smiles bright.

At Absolute Smile, we recommend making brushing and flossing fun for children with just a few quick steps. If you keep up a good routine, your kids will find that brushing their teeth is both simple and rewarding. Check out these quick tips we have to share so that you can minimize the stress that often comes with brushing teeth.

  • Make it a family affair.

One way to get your kids excited to brush their teeth is to join them. Kids mimic their parents, so if you show your child that you enjoy brushing your own teeth, then you stand a greater chance at having your young one follow suit. Show your child how you brush and floss your own teeth, then help your child with the same technique. You can even make up a fun or silly song to keep the enthusiasm for good oral hygiene.

  • Buy a special toothbrush.

Another great way to get your child interested in brushing his or her teeth is by purchasing a special toothbrush. Take a quick trip to the local grocery store or pharmacy and pick up a soft bristled brush with a fun character or design on it. There are a host on the market to choose from. Some parents even choose a special toothpaste, such as a bubblegum or cherry flavored kid paste.

  • Time the brushing.

It’s recommended that children brush their teeth for up to two minutes, twice a day. You can make sure that your child is brushing long enough by purchasing an inexpensive timer. Most kinds enjoy watching two-minute sand timers and some even make a game out of it.

  • Try a few books.

The library has a wide selection of books about tooth brushing to choose from. Pick one that encourages healthy oral care routines. Stories designed for children are excellent tools for teaching children how to take care of their teeth.

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