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Tips for Brushing your Teeth the Right Way

You’ve been brushing your teeth since childhood. But have you ever stopped to think about how you go about brushing your teeth? Probably not. Your approach has become a habit and one that often doesn’t provide solid dental protection. One of the reasons people come to Absolute Smile with aching teeth or bleeding gums is the lack of brushing or doing it incorrectly.

Oral health is so essential to your overall wellness. Our experts at Absolute Smile have some simple tips that will help you brush your teeth the right way.

The Right Tool for the Job

Before even tackling how to brush your teeth, first, you need a tool, namely the right toothbrush. The best toothbrush is one that feels right in your hand. Think of it like examining a knife handle. You don’t want it too long or too thick. 

Make sure the brush’s head can fit easily inside your mouth so you can reach all areas easily. You also want soft to medium bristles so they can get under your gums. Look for the American Dental Association seal of approval on the packaging. Search for the seal on other hygiene products like toothpaste, mouth rinse, and floss.

The Care and Keeping of Your Toothbrush

Every time you put down your toothbrush on a countertop, it can pick up bacteria. So, it’s better to store it in an upright container. Besides this, make sure you rinse your toothbrush each time you use it. A rinse in an anti-bacterial mouthwash or a hydrogen peroxide-water mix helps keep it clean.

It should be noted that regular toothbrush maintenance doesn’t mean you can use it forever. If bristles look bent or discolored, it’s time to go shopping. We recommend getting a new brush every 3-4 months and will remind you about this during regular cleanings or checkups.

Be Tender with your Teeth

Brushing your teeth isn’t like scrubbing a dirty, stuck-on pan. Harder isn’t better. When you brush vigorously, it’s harsh on your gums. Think of it more like a massage for your teeth. Make sure you take your time. Brush minimally two times daily for at least two minutes. Floss once a day. 

It’s All in the Angle:

Angle your brush 45-degrees against your gumline. From there, brush up and down and in circular motions. Don’t forget the inside of your teeth and your tongue, and your gum line. Give your gum line as much attention as the rest of the tooth. Missing the tongue side of your teeth or the gum line will eventually lead to uncomfortable inflammation.

Professional Treatment

Even when you brush and floss religiously, you should come in for a checkup and cleaning at Absolute Smile every six months. This gives us a chance to evaluate you and see if you need any changes to your dental plan. If you’d like to discuss your options, you can fill out our online contact form. Or, give us a call at one of the three offices we have in the Philadelphia area that’s closest to you.

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