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Laser Hair Removal Vs. Electrolysis: What’s the Difference?

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between laser hair removal and electrolysis?  Both are popular hair removal methods that have gained popularity over the years.  Both of these hair removal techniques work by targeting hair follicles that are located under the surface of the skin.  Both laser hair removal and electrolysis have benefits that many people find long-lasting.

Laser hair removal works through the use of mild radiation via high-heat lasers. The purpose of a laser hair removal procedure is to damage hair follicles enough to decrease the rate of hair growth. Although the effects last longer than home hair removal methods like shaving, laser therapy does not remove hair forever.  You’ll still need to schedule multiple treatments for long-term hair removal.

Many people like laser hair removal procedures because they can be completed on any part of the body except for the eye area.  Because of it’s versatility, laser hair removal is a popular choice for many people.  There is little to no recovery time involved with laser hair removal and you can resume normal activities after any procedure.    Laser hair removal tends to work best on people who have fair skin and dark hair.

Electrolysis is another hair removal procedure that disrupts hair growth.  Yet electrolysis works by inserting an epilator device into the skin. It also uses shortwave radio frequencies in hair follicles to stop new hair from growing. This damages your hair follicles to prevent growth and causes existing hairs to fall out.  Most people still need multiple follow-up appointments for the best results.  Unlike laser hair removal, electrolysis is backed by the United States Food and Drug Administration as a permanent solution.  In addition to yielding a more long-lasting outcome, electrolysis is also versatile. It can help inhibit new hair growth for all skin and hair types. Electrolysis can be performed anywhere on the body, including the eyebrows.

At Absolute Smile, we now offer laser hair removal and electrolysis at our Bustleton Avenue office.  Interested clients are encouraged to give us a call or to stop by the office, located at 9733 Bustleton Avenue, Philadelphia.  Our trusted team takes pride in offering two of the most effective hair removal procedures available today.

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