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Foods for Healthy Teeth

Many people are health conscious because they want to lose weight or get in shape. Yet did you realize that healthy eating also has positive benefits on your teeth? At Absolute Smile, we provide dental care for the entire family. We know that everyone wants to achieve a lasting and healthy smile, so we’ve outlined a few of the top foods for healthy teeth. Absolute Smile is always proud to offer the support and care that you need for lasting, healthy teeth.

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Preventing tooth decay isn’t just about avoiding foods that cause decay. It’s also about adding certain foods into your diet so that you can maintain proper health and eliminate plaque build-up. Acid is formed when food sugars combine with plaque. It’s this acid that attacks your teeth and eventually leads to cavities. The good news is that you can do something about it.

Green leafy vegetables, dried fruits and dried beans all contain magnesium. This mineral is important for building strong teeth and bones. Nut butters and seeds also contribute to magnesium intake. Whole grains, beans and lentils are also good choices.

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Healthy teeth also need calcium and vitamin D. Look to dairy products to help you get these important nutrients. You can also add in some non-dairy additions, such as sardines, tofu, broccoli, shrimp and kale. You can even add in some arugula and basil, as well.

It’s also suggested to pair vegetables with acids and add vegetables to vinegar-based salads. Some examples include celery, cauliflower, cucumbers, radishes, bell peppers and carrots. Fibrous foods mimic toothbrushes and also increase saliva production. This helps keep teeth and gums healthy.

If you have questions about how to keep your teeth healthy and want to find out more about how to schedule an appointment at Absolute Smile., simply give us a call or stop in to our convenient Philadelphia location.







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