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Everything You Need to Know About Dental Implants-Absolute Smile

Everything You Need to Know About Dental Implants

With technological innovations rising in every industry, dental care has joined the game and made its mark.

That mark has come in the form of unobtrusive dental implants.

Long gone are the days of embarrassing toothless smiles, obvious crowns, and unhealthy fillings. Because, dental implants are a better way for a healthier, natural looking smile. They’ve been around for years, and there’s good reason for their success.

Let’s discuss.

  • What are dental implants?

When you get a tooth replaced with a dental implant, there are essentially three pieces to the process: the crown, the abutment, and the implant.

The crown is the artificial tooth. It’s the white you’ll see when you smile in the mirror and the piece you’ll feel when you run your tongue along your teeth. But an artificial tooth can’t just sit on top of your gums. It needs to be attached. If you want a replacement that will last, it has to be held in place securely. That’s where a dental implant comes in.

Dental implants are artificially made tooth roots.
So, the crown is the tooth and the implant is the root.

Dental implants are like sturdy groundwork fixed into your jawbone to support your artificial teeth. By binding the implant with the jawbone, an artificial tooth is actually able to work with your natural bone. This not only saves your bone, but further promotes healthy bone growth.

And, finally, the abutment is there to connect the crown and implant. And make sure the crown is seated properly.

Everything You Need to Know About Dental Implants 1-Absolute Smile

  • What are dental implants made of?

There are two main types of dental implants: endosteal and subperiosteal.

Endosteal is where the implant is placed in the jawbone, while subperiosteal is placed on the jawbone. Subperiosteal implants are generally used if there is not enough bone height to place the implant in the bone. But otherwise, endosteal is the more common type of dental implant.

Endosteal implants are usually made of screws, but can also be made of cylinders or blades.

  • Why choose dental implants?

Dental implants allow you to fill the gaps in your smile, as close to natural as technology can get. The crowns are made to perfectly match with your teeth, and the roots are made to cooperate with your natural bone. Unlike dentures, dental implants stay securely in your mouth, so you never have to worry about them falling out or getting lost.

Dental implants can be used for single tooth replacement or multiple.

They have a high success rate with placement and procedure. And, they’re known to last for years. So, you can smile wide with confidence for years to come.

  • Where can I get dental implants near me?

Located in Philadelphia, PA- Absolute Smile offers affordable care for high quality service.

Our friendly staff and experienced doctors know how much a smile means. And we take the time with every patient to find the dental work that’s right for you. So, you can smile big and proud.

Thinking to get dental implants? Stop by one of offices or give us a call for a FREE consultation, today!

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