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4 Ways TMJ and Bruxism Are Linked

Going through each day with constant pain in your jaw can make simple tasks excruciating. If you have regular jaw pain, you may be experiencing something called TMJ, a problem with the temporomandibular joint, or bruxism, the habit of grinding your teeth. What some people do not know, though, is that these two conditions are often linked together. Dr. Eric Friedman offers relief from your jaw pain, no matter what the cause is. If you suspect your jaw problems stem from grinding or joint problems, let the experts for TMJ in Philadelphia, PA help you get much needed freedom from this pain. Here are some ways these two conditions are similar.

1. Painful Symptoms

Both TMJ and bruxism lead to painful, aching jaws. Additionally, patients with these issues often complain of severe headaches or even ear pain. In some cases, their teeth may even become damaged.

2. Similar Causes

Medical providers have found that in some cases, the two conditions have similar causes. Some people experience symptoms after a jaw injury or with arthritis in the joint. Allergies, stress, mouth irritation or even jaw misalignment may also lead to these problems. Children, as they grow, may sometimes experience pain associated with these conditions as well.

3. Specialized Care

For both types of jaw conditions, it is important to see a dentist who specializes in specific treatments for them. It is essential to find out all of the different options that are available for your specific jaw discomfort.

4. Effective Treatments

Treatments for jaw issues include simple solutions, such as mouth guards, relaxation routines or cortisone shots. For more serious cases, we may recommend restoring your bite alignment with an occlusal adjustment or cosmetic dental procedures to restore proper tooth function.

If you have been suffering from jaw pain, call us today at (215) 331-7585. Dr. Friedman and our team of caring professionals may be able to help alleviate your discomfort.

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