Implant Dentistry: permanent tooth restoration solution

Having a tooth replaced or restored can be a heavy financial burden and even emotional drag. Likely the only thing worse than having to deal with tooth restoration is having to deal with the same problematic tooth or teeth over and over again. Implant dentistry can provide the long term, and often times permanent solution to a problematic area of your mouth.

The choices to clear up your problematic areas are abundant; a crown, cap or tooth extraction followed by dentures, dental bridges or even dental implants – which should you choose? Each plausible solution has a variety of positive sides and negative sides, but overall, implant dentistry has proven to be the long term solution to pestering tooth issues.

Almost anybody who has suffered from a failed cap or crown will ultimately tell you that it wasn’t worth the emotional anguish or financial burden, especially if they lacked the proper dental insurance to cover the procedures and had to foot the entire dental bill with their hard earned cash straight out of their pocket. Even with the proper dental insurance, some people who have suffered from a failed tooth cap or crowning can attest to the emotional turmoil of the ongoing visits to their local dentist. Whether choosing to replace the cap or dental crown, or even hesitantly opting for the tooth to be removed after a multitude of costly visits, the bottom line is that all of this could have been avoided by choosing the permanent tooth restoration services that implant dentistry can provide.

Missing several teeth, or even a single tooth, regardless of the reasoning for their removal or loss can take a toll on many individuals; a person’s race, sex or social-economical status doesn’t really matter. While wisdom tooth removal is a regular occurrence for full grown adults, and less regularly, sometimes even in teens; the loss or removal of a front tooth or highly noticeable set of teeth can have serious adverse effects on one’s emotions. In many cases when a certain tooth or set of teeth can be preserved, the preservation of the original tooth is often the suggested route to take by a dentist. This is usually because of the higher costs associated with implant dentistry, though there may be other variables taken into consideration as well.

Overall, implant dentistry can be seen as a permanent solution for a whole array of tooth or teeth ailments. Caps and dental crowns are generally considered to be a permanent solution, though often times they end up being “longer term” solutions requiring ongoing visits to the dentist for adjustments and even replacement.

As with any minor surgery, considerations for or against implant dentistry should be weighed out with the consultation of either a general dentist or possibly an oral surgeon. At that point, proper decisions for your dental care can be weighed out and discussed between you and a qualified dental professional.